makeup rules .Morning Makeover

How to start a morning of every woman?She washes, doing make-up ... During the day she, too, does not part with mirror.And in the evening, going to the theater or to visit, and again pulls out a makeup tints face - in the worst case.And the best - it all washes away from the face and apply makeup again, in emergency, so to speak, form.And each time she manages to look different because the make-up make-up hatred.That is quite natural, natural look in the morning, the evening will seem pale.Conversely, bright makeup, appropriate and even necessary in the evening light in the theater, at a party, will look vulgar in the office or in the morning.And what a morning make-up?

Firstly, you must first wash (preferably cold water) to "wake up" person.Also very good freshen the face contrast baths for the face or ice cubes.Then you need to prepare to face make-up.This is important, because the unprepared, not cleaned after sleeping face skin make-up can not be applied!

Apply to cleansed and moisturized skin ton

e (protection) cream.Do not forget that the cream should be applied on the massage lines.If the cream is absorbed without residue, makeup lie flat and will hold good.Dry flaky skin does makeup uneven

on oily skin it can "float".

Morning make-up should take a minimum of time, you can do 3-4 with decorative strokes.By using a large soft brush a little loose powder the face transparent powder, to avoid greasy.The easiest morning makeup - "stacked" eyebrows and shiny lips.Arrange eyebrow pencil or shadow line and blend it with a brush.The shape of the eyebrows can be fixed transparent gel or hairspray, slightly causing it to brush and then combing his eyebrows.Pencil neutral tone paint over lip contour and podtushuyte him inside.Then, powdered lips, apply lipstick or a dim colorless shine.

way, without eye shadows look sick and tired, so even if you're not going to tint them, put on for ever the shadow of the natural skin color with a barely noticeable "silk" shimmer.If in the morning make-up, you still want to emphasize the eyes, apply on the eyelids creamy shade of neutral tones and blend them applicator.Do not forget to cover up dark circles under the eyes.

So lightly powdered face, accentuated eyebrows line indicated the contour of the lips - this is, in fact, everything you need for a morning person.