Makeup Lessons .eye Makeup

eyes always first attracted attention, and even a little makeup can change the entire look, giving them brightness and expressiveness.

Eyeshadow favorably emphasize the color and shape of the eye.Currently eyeshadow produced dry, liquid, in the form of a gel or cream, thick watercolors, pencils and many more.Dry shade produced a variety of colors, but for those who wear contact lenses, they are not always suitable, since fine dust can get into the shadows in the eye.Such women are more convenient to use the shadow-creams.However, it is necessary to very quickly work them as they dry almost instantly and fix the problem is no longer possible.And one of their lack of which must be taken into account: they can accumulate in the folds of the eyelids.Shadow sticks professionals hardly use.They are comfortable on the road, when a woman does make-up on their own.

Eye makeup is toning age, color eyelashes and eyebrow shaping.

eyelids pre-cleaned of grease, remnants of the cream removed.Reddish eyelid to br

ow can cover the primer.After that, the upper eyelid with a brush apply the shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and when the applicator can be applied, and vice versa.Applicators from time to time should be washed with soap and water, and while it is wet, shadows fall harder.Color Eye Shadow should be in harmony with the color of his eyes, but did not repeat it, because it can dull the color.

When combining colors need to make sure that the darker colors were placed outside and the light was closer to the inner corner of the eye.However, it is possible to experiment with shadows, trying to unexpected color combinations.On the lower eyelid shade is applied to a thin brush or applicator edge, directly under the lashes and only in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.For more expressive eyebrow lightens under the most protuberant spot light shade, but it can easily take unnatural appearance, so this technique is best used for evening makeup.

Make your eyes large as possible if the very lid are not painting, but only darken its fold.The paint is applied directly on the crease and pounded up.However, deep-set eyes of this method is not suitable, because it can give a person a kind of gloomy.

shadows at the outer corner of the eye should never run down.In any type of person and the best section of the eye person will be sad look.

Apply once a lot of shadows should not be, because to remove the excess is much more difficult than to add, if you do not have enough.Previously recommended maznut applicator on the back of his hand to wipe away the excess paint.Easy transparent powder coating Finally make shade stronger.

Shadow Glitter can be used only in the evening, but be aware that the gloss emphasizes every wrinkle and roughness.

In order to visually enlarge the eyes, a thin brush or a sharp pencil on the edge of the upper eyelid is very close to the lashes spend the selected color loop, so you can emphasize and lower eyelids.contour line leads from the inner corner of the eye to the outside without stopping.Especially looks good circuit, if it corresponds to the color of eyelashes and eyebrows.The contour must be smooth, soft and quietly move in the shadows, for which it was slightly shaded thin brush.

When application circuit uses a variety of drugs.Available liquid liner in vials or tablets, on which is placed a drop of water and take the paint.Vials - convenient cartridges, which look like mascara and liner filled with liquid.The brush is inserted into the sleeve.You can use a pencil, in which the ink is automatically fills it with the tip.If the skin on the eyelids slightly inflamed, then do point-century mark, which are then interconnected.

out best circuit conducted kayalom. Kaya - is colored mass compacted in a cartridge.Rod Kaya is a pull-out with a thick, obliquely tapered core, or looks like an eyebrow pencil with a core of varying hardness.Most soft used for the lower eyelid, the harder - to the top.Light colors Kaya intended to take stock of the lower eyelid, which increases the eye.

mascara on the lashes applied slightly damp brush, starting from the roots to the tips of lashes, as if combing them.If eyelashes stuck together, they must be separated from each other by a special comb or dry brush.To make fluffy lashes before applying the paint can be a little powder.Waterproof mascara is soluble in fats, so for oily skin under the eyes can be formed circles.To avoid this it is recommended to use low-fat gel for eyes.

eyebrows if necessary, you can emphasize the well-sharpened pencil, but not a solid line and short feathery strokes from the inside out.After this walk on them brush for the eyebrows.color pencil must exactly fit the eyebrows.Sometimes eyebrow tint shadows, striking them with a special hard brush.You can even use the mascara.It gives shape eyebrows and looks natural.There are special colorless or coloring gels eyebrows that secure very thick and unruly eyebrows.