The deep expressive eyes .Mascara.

On what grounds can judge the quality of the carcass?A good mascara should not crumble, and smeared glue eyelashes.

Mascara should not "pinch" eyes.

Mascara should not have a pungent odor.Tang says that it is too much of the chemical solvent.Of course, ink is odorless, but no sodium.

to modern cosmetics are requirements not only as a means of decoration, but also as another method of nourishment and protection.This fully applies to the carcass.The more that you use it in the most sensitive and easily vulnerable parts of your face - eyes.And is mascara on your eyelashes are usually most of the day.

Modern mascara should not only give sight depth and expressiveness, it must protect the eyelashes and, preferably, to feed them.To this one should pay special attention, because it is very thin and delicate eyelashes easily adversely affected as the environment, and irritating ingredients that may be contained in cosmetics.Pay attention to the composition of the ink.As it is used in the vicinity of the eye

, its composition must be flawless with microbiological standpoint.In good mascara always contains useful substances - oils and vitamins.Various nutritional supplements - mink oil, castor oil, proteins, vitamins B and P, vitamin A (keratin) and others - give your lashes shine and elasticity, serve a protective function.

Mascara is black and color, simple and waterproof, lengthening and thickens.Black ink is used in bright make-up, as well as for evening makeup.Color ink, especially dark brown and dark blue, perfect for everyday makeup, as does look softer.Lengthening Mascara contains special components, such as silk fibers that lengthen lashes.It is a must if you have short lashes.

Thickening mascara contains additives (such as coal dust, resins and polymers), which give your lashes extra volume.If you have a few lashes, you just can not do without mascara taco.

Many companies produce ink, which is at the same time lengthens eyelashes and increases their volume.Mascara «waterproof», that is water-resistant, chemical composition is more aggressive than ordinary mascara.In our "wet-snow" conditions it is indispensable, in the same way as in cases vysokotorzhestvennyh exit to the swimming pool and a gym, where do without her painted eyelashes quite impossible.Water repellent ink have to be a beautician in every woman, but it is desirable to use it only when necessary.

Considering our weather conditions, make-up artists recommend using waterproof mascara lower eyelids, as it is they smeared mascara often.The upper eyelid is better to paint ordinary ink.

To remove waterproof mascara only need special tools for removing eye make-up.A common at one time famous for compact mascara for good reason.It is easily diluted to any consistency, and thanks to a rigid brush more gently applied to the eyelashes.But now, unfortunately, a compact ink wrongly considered archaic and is found mainly in professional collections.

Colours mascara

Colours.Of course, black - the most elegant.But it's time to leave the side of conservatism: mascara palette of colors is not limited to black, blue and brown.Now you can find almost any color ink.

If you want to do fancy make-up, then after applying mascara dark (black, blue, dark brown), you can touch up the tips of bright colored ink (eg purple or green).When you apply it to the dark ink, the color, as such, it will not be seen, but very nice "sparkle" colored highlights.For example, if you have blue eyes, you paint eyelashes are usually dark blue ink, then touch up their bright blue color, and the eyes will look unusually large, open and radiant.

Classic rules: it is desirable that the color of shoes, handbags and gloves in harmony with each other, it is desirable that lipstick and nail polish were picked up "tone on tone" and so on.What about the rebounds mascara under the eye color?Coloured mascara makes eyes brighter and even little changes their natural color.The only thing you need to pay attention to: mascara color should be brighter than the color of the upper eyelid eyeliner.

skinned blondes with light blue, dark blue or gray eyes, perfect gray, blue, blue ink of different shades of depth, ink color "aqua".

dark-skinned blondes with green, hazel, shades of brown eyes - gray, brown and black mascara.

green, brown, brown eyes brunettes accentuate a dark brown or dark green ink.And if you're bright-eyed brunette - try either classic black and dark blue colors, or stunning dark purple.Color dark eyes swarthy brown-haired women accentuate brown and black mascara.A bright-eyed brown-haired do without dark green, brown and violet ink.

How to apply mascara?

Before applying makeup on eye lids need a little powder.Blush - this is a make-up lock.At the same time you powder the eyelashes, which means that when you paint them, they become more lush and long.

Mascara is applied in several layers.In this case it is sure to "scroll" spiral brush mascara.Some women apply mascara only vertical movement, and in fact in the form of a spiral brush was invented in order to already applying mascara, you are at the same time "draws" and combed lashes, preventing them stick together.

eyelashes need to paint from the roots to the tips, with a little stretching them to the outer corner of the eye.

Comb lashes as the mascara has dried, you can not.If you do this, you osypetsya any ink, regardless of its quality.In addition, the whole effect will disappear extension IPT thickening.The desired result should be achieved, while the ink has finally dried up.

Do not forget that the EU standards, the shelf life of mascara - three years.But in the closed state.From the moment you opened the box and began to paint the lashes every day, until the day when you are thinking of buying a new ink, it may take two to four months.After this period in the carcasses begin to multiply bacteria that cause eye irritation.