makeup rules .Possible adjustments persons (women's beauty secrets )

Before adjustment, analyze your face.His ideal is a heart shape.But gingerbread heart and not that which Cupid pierces its boom - we are talking about the present form of hearts beating in our chest.In this ideal case, the distance between the temples and cheekbones equally between and below the oval face gently tapers to the chin.With such a person we can restrict the minimum adjustment.One can only blush slightly emphasize the cheekbones and cheeks bulge.By the way, many women make the mistake of covering only blush cheekbones, giving often disadvantageous optical effect sunken cheeks.Wishing to emphasize the beautiful oval face, blush should be applied to the buccal muscle from the bottom, as if it "pruning."If you grab this arm with two fingers, the place where the largest bulge is formed, it is necessary to cover the light-colored blush and below - dark.Supported in this way they will help to highlight skuly.A what if the shape of the face is not perfect?Vsmatrvayas reflected in the face, try to fi

t it into the heart outline.Those fragments that are left outside, being as it were superfluous, adjust with dark tones and near places "not enough" face "to fill" the outline, use light.

If you have a square face (wide lower jaw), then put on the lower part of the face from the bottom up dark tone, lightly grasping the sides of the lower jaw (not touching the chin!).

If you have an elongated chin, make it a dark bottom.

To visually expand a pointed chin, apply in his mid-dark powder, and on the sides - light.

To make a narrow chin, apply in his mid-light powder, and on the sides - the dark.

small receding chin covered with bright blush, and a double chin - dark, but the tip of the chin should be lighter powder sugar.

to "facilitate", "heavy" chin, powder barely noticeable nose and chin powdered dark tones.

With a round face should darken his path (as if hiding superfluous).If you apply a darker tone on the side of the cheeks, you can visually lengthen the face.At the same time at the temples eyebrows should be slightly shortened, since the higher the eyebrows, the more straightened lines of the face.The middle of the face and chin better powder powdered light shade.

If you have the lower part of the face wider than the top (temples), then the dark tone is applied to the convex part of the cheeks.Bright tone is applied to the forehead, temples and a bit in the middle of the face, and dark - on the cheeks, slightly below the temples.The distance between the eyebrows, the nose slightly increase.

To make the already wide forehead, apply a darker shade in the temporal part up to the hair.

To visually enlarge the forehead, whitewash his shadow top.

In a narrow and elongated face dark tone is applied almost sideways, starting from the temple on the top of the cheekbones to the pits cheeks.The upper part of the face powdered with a light powder, and the chin and the lower part of the face - the dark.The lower lip is colored slightly wider than the top, slightly lengthened and the shape of the mouth.In addition, it is necessary to increase the area between the eyebrows, the nose, and eyebrows slightly rounded tips of the leave.

If you have a long nose, the lower part of the bridge and tip of the nose and nostrils dark tone mask.A dark stain applied to the tip of the nose, visually shorten it.

If you have a big nose, then on the tip of the nose and on either side of it is necessary to put a dark tone and the entire nose and cover the dark tone.The wide nose narrower makes thin bright line deposited along the nose downward light tone.

A short nose along the length of his entire back cause light tone

both sides of the nose to shade darker tone.Likewise grimiruetsya and thick nose - on the side walls and the wings of the nose, apply a darker shade of powder or light brown tones, and in the middle of the nose to the tip - light.The transition from one tone to another should not be visible, with no sharp boundaries.

To make the nose narrower, it is necessary to obscure both sides of the brow to the corners of his eyes.

If you have a broad face, it is necessary to smooth out his features, powdered brighter the bottom.

To soften sharp facial features, bright matte cosmetic pencil Outline contour of the jaw and rub from the middle of the cheek to ear.

If you have a reddish skin, do not use the pink powder, and if the pale - white.In the summer, use a beige powder darker shades.

In close set eyes pay attention to the external parts of the eye.

To bring together widely separated eyes, apply a darker shade on the inner corner of the eye to the outside, gradually moving to a brighter tone.Line eyebrows slightly, "slide" to the nose (to make it the best soft pencil, which then need to easily shade).

With deep-set eyes or a little shade is necessary to put light on the upper lash to brow.Then draw on the upper eyelid is very thin line.Do not weigh down your brow.Some makeup artists are also advised to apply to the eyelashes several layers of mascara, but as a rule, several layers of mascara look very messy and eyelashes thus cease to be natural.The counsel of the artificial paste is good for evening make-up, but not for everyday.

With bulging eyes, apply a darker shade on the upper lashes to the crease, and the remainder of the century to cover the light shadows eyebrow.Do not "weigh down" forever too dark tones and brilliant shade further accentuate the eyes bulge.

With narrow eyes need to apply light shadow on the eyelids, and dark - from crease to brow.On the eyelashes need to have a very thin line, almost a "thread".

If hanging upper eyelid, spend eyeliner very thin line on the inside of the eyelid, extending it gradually to the outside "the most overhanging" section.Mascara should be to impose more on that part of the eyelashes, which is located just above the overhanging part.

If you strongly to make up the upper lip, the distance between the mouth and the nose will be reduced, and if you strongly to make up the lower lip, the chin, the short will be even shorter.

to visually reduce the full lips, should be put on the edge of the lips foundation, and then to draw in the new contour of the lips, then fill it with lipstick.

If you have a big nose, you can use lipstick lengthen the upper lip and extend it to the outer edges.

To narrow lips do more to draw the desired contour of your lips and fill it with lipstick.In the narrow lips, upper lip paint the darker tone of lipstick, and the lower - lighter.If the mouth is small, you can freely paint the lips from side to side.

If the external ends of the lips fall down, brush or pencil "lift" these places up.

to face shape is correct, limit the eyebrows from the inside of a straight line drawn from the wings of the nose upward.A straight line drawn through the wings of the nose outer corner of the eye brows limit outward.Eyebrow hairs growing these lines need to be removed.

Correction face shape - a difficult art, because all people are different and each requires its own adjustments.To better understand when to apply the corrective means, study pictures of models, models in fashion magazines.In these pictures, especially made close-up, will be clearly visible shadow play, simulating a person.However, before you start painting, should be on their own, through trial and error, to determine the optimal way to fix your face its shortcomings.