makeup rules .Applying blush

Applying blush - it's quite a complex operation.Even the most perfect face will look better on a warm shade of blush, but it is very important to choose the right color.

Day used blush just a little bit darker than skin color.In addition, it is necessary to focus on the color shines through the skin blood vessels.

Sometimes, in order to further revitalize the face, rouge is applied to the forehead and under the eyebrows.However, what would blush not been selected, they must be as close as possible to the natural color blush.

to light, pinkish skin suitable for all cold tone with a bluish tint - pink to pink caustically.Warm colors chosen for the skin having a yellowish or olive-green hue.

Apply blush on the cheekbones protruding part and be sure to shade towards the temple to avoid loops.

Currently available liquid rouge, oily, dry and as a paste in tubes.Cosmetic preference blush and a fatty paste.Fatty rouge is applied to the dusting, liquid - before applying foundation, and dry or compact - only

after dusting.

Fatty, liquid and pasty blush applied often the index finger, after putting a little paint on the left palm.Working liquid and frothy blush, we must remember that they are very quickly dry, so badly put strokes can not be repaired.

blush-powder is best applied with a brush on a long handle.Any blush is applied in small portions, very carefully, because the excess is almost impossible to remove without damaging the primer.At the same time we must remember that in the summer put blush on the face is greater than in winter, because they are less visible on the tanned skin.

Very often use blusher in two colors: lighter is applied on top of the cheekbones and darker - under the zygomatic depression.

for tanned skin is very suitable so-called terra-cotta clay powder of fine grinding.It is often used in place of blush to give light smuglotu or even greater richness of dark skin.In the first case it is applied only in some places (the cheeks, cheekbones, temples, chin contour), in the second - it spreads a thin layer all over the face.In addition, the summer instead of blush can be applied bronze powder, which gives a beautiful, natural glow of tanned skin.