" Vegetable " masks for the face ( facial )

you are among those who prefer to completely natural products for skin care and ready masks prefers homemade cosmetics?In fact, everything you need at hand: fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, milk ... In this case it is useful to know, and that depending on the acidity, fruit mask on her face held from 5 to 10-15 minutes.But not long, otherwise the skin will turn red.

The sour fruit, the more it is suitable for oily skin.A dry after natural mask should still be lubricated with a nourishing cream.This must be done in the event that after a natural face mask pulled together a little bit.

Any mask must always be warm, otherwise the effect will not be - before consumption should hold the selected "ingredient" in warm water.Cosmetologists identify several "favorites" from the plant cosmetology.

- First of all, it is apricot: it contains carotene (vitamin A - it is also called "vitamin of beauty"), organic salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus.Useful for all skin types.

- Carrots are rich in vitamins, a

cids, oils, so a mask of grated carrots and carrot with egg yolk are good for dry skin, and the mask of carrot, potato and egg yolks - for oily.

- Cucumber juice is used to remove freckles and age spots, as well as for skin whitening.The liquid slurry from the overripe cucumbers (testes) will help to smooth wrinkles.But it will happen if to put the mask on your face before going to sleep for a month.

- Rowan.Forest Queen useful to the same extent and beautiful.Masks from its fruit fall can be made, especially in admixture with lemon.Harvested and frozen puree of red mountain ash can be used in a mixture with other berries and fruits.

- Peach - truly the apple of gods: he restores skin tissue, nourishing it with silicon.The juice from the pulp and puree are indispensable for dry, tired and wrinkled skin.

- The flesh of ripe watermelon is very well nourishes and cleanses the skin.In addition, at a high temperature can be applied to the face mask of watermelon - the heat will subside quickly.

And you can also use the following recipes "vegetable masks."

- Masks of sauerkraut.A great refreshing and rejuvenating action has the mask of sauerkraut - "Paris".For this purpose, the pre-cleansed face need to put a layer of leaves of sauerkraut and lie so 15-20 minutes in a dark room, to relax the muscles.Mask wash off with cold water.

- You can enroll in a different way.Coat the face with a fat cream (it can do for oily skin).Then put on your skin crushed sauerkraut or cabbage soaked in brine cloth.

- Masks of fresh cabbage.Gruel of crank grinder fresh cabbage leaves, mixed with beaten egg white - is applied to the face and neck for 25-30 minutes.The mask used for oily skin.

- Grind the leaves of fresh cabbage, cooked in milk to the state of slurry.Apply to face and neck for 20 minutes.A mask is used for dry skin.

- Tomato mask.Tomato cut into slices, and then lay slices on the face.The mask is particularly useful for oily skin with large pores.

- Mask of lettuce.Finely chopped leaves pour a small amount of water, boil for 5 minutes.Then warm the leaves put on the gauze and apply on face.

From the resulting broth can make compresses or use it to wipe the face.

- Nourishing Mask of parsley.Parsley minced, 2 tablespoons of it to rub with 1 tablespoon of honey and egg yolk.Massa impose on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wipe the face with ice from the broth of parsley.

- The mask of pumpkin.A slice of pumpkin rub with egg yolk and milk.The mixture was put for 20 minutes.Recommended for dry skin.