Sunbathe properly !

dermatologists are unanimous in their opinion: is the main cause of early skin aging - immoderate tan!Despite the fact that the sun - a source of energy, which is vital for the skin, an overdose of ultraviolet radiation leads to wrinkles, dryness and destructive processes on the surface of the skin.

"The main cause of early skin aging - immoderate tan!"

What is tan?From a biological point of view, it is a defensive reaction to the scorching rays of the sun, which stimulates the production of melanin - the skin pigment.He gives it a golden hue.But the body needs a few days to fully adapt to a lot of sunlight.During this transition period, limit your exposure to sunlight.

Different skin contains different amounts of melanin.Caucasian people would never become chocolate-colored, how much time they spent under the rays, because the amount of melanin in their skin lowest.In contrast, the dark-skinned people skin contains the largest amount of melanin.If you can not get a tan as you would have liked, try se

lf-tanning - cream or aerosol, the skin activating the process of melanin production without sun at all.In just a few hours you will receive a golden hue, which, however, washed away during the week.

To safely enjoy the sun without having to worry for your skin, use products specifically designed for tanning and follow the following rules.

"Sunblock inscription on the label sunscreen is almost 100% reflection of solar radiation, ie, a complete protection from the sun..."

Sun Rules :

- never go to the beach without sunscreen.In the south, you can burn in a cloudy day

- apply the cream several times during the day and again after swimming

- Avoid being in the sun between 11 am and 3 pm

- remember sunglasses, protecttheir eyes, they also help to protect from the sun and the delicate eyelid skin

- tan slowly, you can not get a tan at a time.Melanin not have time to react to the sun, but the skins are roasted through, and oblezet

- if you still burned, not applied to the skin oil or fatty creams, it will only worsen your situation.Use after-sun lotion or other special means.

And what do you know about SPF-factor, because this label is present on all suntan?

SPF-factor (an abbreviation of the English Sun Protection Factor -. Sun protection factor).The degree of skin protection from the sun or the other cosmetic product depends on the protective factor.The label antisun cream, gel, lotion, or oil is designated number (from 2 to 40 and more).It shows how many times the reduced sun exposure while using this tool.

known that only 10 minutes are relatively safe sunbathing with unprotected skin.Using a special cream, having, for example, the SPF 12 index, you can safely bask in the sun for 2 hours (10x12 = 120).However, if you only want to tan, then spend hours under the scorching rays just does not make sense: a maximum of 50 minutes, the formation of melanin - a substance that is "responsible" for a tan - is terminated.

Lost in the winter melanin is reduced gradually.Therefore, in the first days of sun exposure should use funds with a high degree of protection - SPF 25, 30 and above.

"On the recommendations of western experts of children up to 1 year in general should not be left in the sun without protective cream."

And people with red hair and delicate dry skin should not weaken the protection and in the future.The same applies to children and adolescents: the young organism is much slower than that of an adult, produces melanin.Many companies produce special children's protective gear, including for babies.On the recommendations of western experts of children up to 1 year in general should not be left in the sun without protective cream.High degree of protection - a means with SPF index of from 2 to 20 - will need when the skin is already accustomed to the sun and the first lay down on her tan.The higher the index of the SPF, the more economical means: to put it on the skin should be much less.Even if your tan already strong enough, you should not completely abandon sunscreen.Visit the oil for sunburn with SPF index of 2 or 3, and the face is more suitable low-fat gel.This will help give the skin a beautiful bronze color.