Baths for herbal body

baths with the addition of active substances improve blood circulation, expanding the pores and create conditions for easier penetration into the skin of nutrients that affect the entire body.Instead of finished products are preferred active substances of medicinal herbs that are harmless and have a wonderful effect.

At home prepare medicinal herbal teas can be as follows: 1 kg of chopped plant pour 3-4 liters of cold water and leave for 5-10 minutes.Then put on fire and boil for 5 minutes.Infuse 10 minutes in hot water.Strained broth is added to the water used for bathing.

These baths are recommended once a week, lasting 20-30 minutes.The head and the heart area of ​​the patient must be over water.Before taking bath body should be washed well with soap and water to remove the sweet-fatty film from the skin and facilitate penetration into the body of the active substances.The bladder and bowels should be emptied immediately before a meal tub is not accepted.

1. Mint .It is an effective remedy for co

ld starting, as its vapors expand the airways, breathing easier.Peppermint soothes irritated skin, relieves itching.

2. rosemary and tarragon improve blood circulation, have a refreshing and toning effect when fatigue or mild fatigue.

3. Chamomile and hops provide anti-inflammatory effect, increase the resistance of the skin to infections, stimulates the formation of new cells.Baths with these herbs are effective for sore, dry cracked skin.

4. Baths from lime blossom increase sweating.Has a calming effect on the nervous system, is recommended for insomnia.

5. Sage and oak bark narrow the pores and are used for oily skin and excessive sweating.

6. Baths from juniper and lemon balm honey calming effect on the nervous system, eliminate stress.

7. Iris and needles tone the nervous system and are encouraging people to tired exhausted.

8. Baths from yarrow are used to soften dry and cracked skin.

9. Wild chestnut improves blood circulation and strengthens the resistance of skin capillaries cells.

10. Marigold accelerate wound healing.Enjoy epithelizing and tonic effect.

11. Baths of bran (wheat, oats, corn, almonds) soothe inflamed skin and soften rough skin, eliminate itching.

12. To enjoy the fragrance and refreshing action of a mixture of mint, arnica, honey lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, juniper.

13. Horsetail and a mixture of wildflowers improve circulation.Used in loose, poor blood supply to the skin.

14. Baths of mummy .They are used when the nervous and physical fatigue.Perfectly nourish the whole body with necessary microelements and biologically active substances.Recommended for nervousness, insomnia, fatigue.5 g of the mummy dissolved in 0.5 g of boiling water.Prepare a bath temperature of 30 C, the solution was poured into a bath cooked.Take 15-30 minutes after work.Leave overnight.In the morning add hot water again and accept.The course of 20 days, every other day.Break 10 days.