Body Care ( problem areas ) Secrets of the beauty of your skin

Each of the female part of the body requires care and attention.Know your problem areas - it is important for every woman, because only then pampering is complete and will bring the expected result.What are the problems with the skin of the body most likely to occur? Hips .Body Fat in this area is typical for most women.Massage will not bring any changes will only diet and gym or cosmetic surgery. Neck .Regularly use a moisturizer as the skin of the neck is often open.Try to avoid sudden surges of weight, this leads to the formation of folds in the neck.

Chest .Very sensitive area, which at the time of charging, pregnancy, or if the breasts are very large, should be protected by a bra.

Armpits .Wash regularly.Antilerspirant or deodorant will help avoid excessive sweating and odor.

Belly .The skin in this part of the body is very thin, so the weight of the sharp drops formed stretch marks.

Zone bikini.Sweat glands start to function at puberty, so to avoid the smell, it is necessary to observe hy


Elbows .Calloused skin area is formed to protect it from abrasion.Moisturizer helps to soften the skin, but do not destroy the corn.

Hands .It is important to regularly lubricate hand moisturizer cream, and, of course, take care of the nails and manicure.Poor state of the nail can indicate health problems.

Knees .As well as on the elbows, are often formed callused areas.

back side lap .If a woman has to stand for long periods, under the knee veins show through.To improve blood circulation, you can use an elastic bandage (necessarily consult your doctor).

Heels .On the heels, as a rule, there are corn, may form cracks and calluses.To remove rough, dead skin, use a pumice stone and a special scrub.

Feet feet In order to keep your feet in good condition, you should regularly do a pedicure.Comfortable shoes reduces friction and the formation of rough skin and calluses.

Body Care should be permanent and include all the necessary procedures.Then you will not have problems with the body's skin.