Shower for body and soul

Taking a shower - not only hygienic procedure, but also a way to increase the body's resistance to infections, rejuvenate, energize, in short, improve your health, or, conversely, to relax.A few tips on taking a morning shower, we offer to you.

If in the morning you have enough time to stand in the shower, take from this pleasant procedure, the maximum benefit.Most importantly - do not get too cold under the water jet.In the morning, the body temperature is already somewhat reduced, and instead to charge energy stress test organism.Excessively hot water - is not the best option for this time of day.It is better if the water is lukewarm.Process duration - from 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

type shower jets depends on the type of shower head.Massage jet (it is thinner, but stronger than normal) makes a gentle massage, leaving the skin supple.Turbostruya (a very strong flow) - for the hard self-massage, promotes weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.Ekostruya (reduced pressure) allows you to save water

.Easy jet - the usual "rain" washes the body.Another option

morning shower (good for those who want to get a tempering effect) - a contrast shower.It is useful for the nervous system, is a preventive measure in the fight against cellulite and has a positive effect on the skin, making it supple, healthy and beautiful.Under the influence of hot water vessels dilate, and the cold water constricts them - that is, there is a kind of training for the vessels.

correct reception contrast shower should be as follows: start with a small difference - the temperature of the warm water of about 38 °, cool - 28 °.Gaps yet let them be short 1.5 minutes under warm water, 0.5 minutes - a cold.Gradually, time from time, and increase the contrast, and duration.Just a couple of weeks you will come to what will be under 3 minutes with hot water and 1 minute under cold, and so 3 - 4 times during a single procedure.In principle, the permissible temperatures and more frequent shifts.But be sure to end the process of pouring cold water.

If you take a contrast shower in the evening, a few hours before bedtime, you should check out procedure with warm water.


shower Pay attention to the fact that there are a number of contraindications to contrast shower.It is unacceptable in blood diseases and cardio - vascular system, cancers, thrombophlebitis, during the exacerbation of any disease.Not Recommended douches and during menstruation.

evening shower will help you relax, relieve unnecessary stress to the muscles, physical fatigue and mental fatigue.The total procedure time of 15 - 20 minutes.And be sure to wait a little bit so that the water flowed back from the nape of the neck along the spine.From this it will increase a positive impact on the major nerve endings.

Doctors and beauticians recommend to forget the usual soap, which upsets the natural acid - alkaline balance of the skin.The basis of the alkali soap.It harms our skin, causing flaking and dryness.It is necessary to use the gel - thanks to special ingredients it gently moisturizes the skin, leaving a pleasant scent.However, there are gels and for those who prefer to any lack of odor - neutral.

With regard flavored series - keep in mind that these odors are not curative (treat only natural essential and aroma oils), but they instantly improve your mood, causing pleasant associations in memory.When choosing a gel consider your skin type and its needs.

After taking a shower, always use lotion, cream or light texture body lotion.Apply them in a damp (not wet!) Skin.