Mud for beauty and health (body care )

History mud has millennium.Even in ancient Egypt patients treated with mud, which endured during spills Nil.Evrope mud spread in the XVI century.In Russia, equipped and opened the first water-mud baths by decree of Catherine II, Baron Friedrich von Korfv 1795

Today, mud therapy is one method of balneotherapy, particularly effective for skin diseases.Sources of therapeutic muds are located in different parts of the world, but especially valuable are Kislovodsk mud and Dead Sea mud.

Mud possess anti-inflammatory properties and biostimulating because they contain calcium, iron, potassium, iodine, sulfur, vitamins, plant hormones, antibiotics and other analogues.

Mud increases metabolism, accelerates the recovery processes.Now, on the basis of medicinal muds produced cosmetics, and procedures are carried out not only in the centers of thalassotherapy, but also in beauty salons, where they make masks, baths, wraps.

But in different mud chemical composition is different, so the experts selected each c

ustomer individual program.However, mud therapy is contraindicated in hypertension.

Mud with algae have a beneficial effect on the skin.They are used for masks that perfectly moisturize and soften the skin of the face and body, soothe irritation.From "green" mud (product of seaweed processing) make a mask to cleanse pores, acne treatment.

Black mud used for frequently masks and body wraps.It helps in the treatment of cellulite, strengthens hair, cures skin diseases.

With applications smooth wrinkles and skin treated.Course: 10-15 procedures in a day, and a severe form of acne - daily.

Mud wraps effective for correction.They allow you to quickly lose weight (3-4 kg) and get rid of cellulite.Warm wraps are ideal for dry and oily skin.The procedure cleanses and nourishes the skin, strengthening and rejuvenating the body, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.Wraps are gentle treatment of varicose veins.During the procedure, the skin heats up, so after a shower, it was cooled with a special gel or lotion.The usual course for cellulite - 15 treatments.It enhances the effect of these massage treatments.

Mud baths taken before going to bed.They help reduce puffiness, have a calming effect at stress, useful for varicose veins.Extract bath also contains vitamins, herbs and pine needles.