Foot problems in the form of cracks on the heels

podiatrists Doctors will tell you that the people with the best legs - it is those who do not wear shoes.In fact, the legs have to 16 hours a day to be wedged in the shoes, it is not surprising that they respond to such mockery emergence and development of defects, diseases and the appearance of cracks on the heels.Basic steps for the treatment and correction of the most common foot injuries and deficiencies.


reasons: accumulation of fluid between the inner and outer layers of the skin, appearing as a result of prolonged friction socks or shoes.Rarely deliver serious trouble, but at the wrong care can become infected.Therefore, do not remove the liquid as possible.However, if the blisters did burst, wipe them with antiseptic and cover the plaster.


Usually, the disease is hereditary, but wearing uncomfortable shoes can aggravate the situation.When the thumb, which is usually directed forward, gradually slope towards the other fingers, it affects the state and the type of the other fing


To avoid this problem, wear shoes with straight, not constricted capes - this will reduce the pressure on the joint.Podiatrist may recommend a protective pads, special shoes or, in severe cases, surgical intervention, which usually gives good results.


skin on the foot is four times thicker than in other parts of the body.Simply put, corns - it large areas of thickened skin.You need to perform two main activities - exfoliate and moisturize the skin on the feet.Every day, gently rub calluses with a pumice stone, and then rub Nourishing Foot Cream.Without action, they can cause pain, in which case the required treatment and special gaskets.


These small areas of skin seals are caused by friction with shoes or moisture.Do not cut them yourself and do not use commercially available means of calluses without the advice of a professional, as this may damage the healthy skin around the corn.It is better to come to the reception to podiatrists, who will remove your calluses.Avoid most of the time wearing shoes, you can freely move your fingers.