Beautiful healthy legs

The sole of our feet - the mirror of the whole organism.It is divided into zones or points, which is connected by nerve pathways, each organ of our body.Therefore, if we take care of your feet, then we get rid of the disease, if not - acquire new ones.

♦ Feet necessarily every night to wash with warm water and soap.Foot bath clean skin of the feet, reduce fatigue and improve circulation.

♦ Most of the health benefits of such a procedure: the evening before bedtime, fill a basin with warm water, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and soak feet for 15 minutes.This simple procedure not only relieves fatigue and improves the blood circulation, but also softens the skin of the feet, relieves tension of the whole body, improves sleep, strengthens the nervous system.Psychologists say that thereby washed away all the negative energy accumulated during the day.

♦ Improves blood circulation, warms and this foot bath: the water poured a handful of juniper berries (or pour 6 - 8 drops of juniper essential oil).The

water temperature should be 37 ° C.Legs immersed in a bath for 15 minutes, then put on warm socks.The procedure is performed as needed, times daily.

♦ Ointment for beautiful healthy feet: Take a fresh egg, put it in a glass and pour the vinegar essence, while slightly warm 200g unsalted butter in the form of heat to pour into a glass of egg and essence.Close and put in a dark place for 3 days.After the infusion, stir thoroughly.Within a week of using the ointment, you will see that the skin on the feet, heels became soft, heal minor cracks.This ointment can be lubricated and bumps, and they will no longer get sick.

♦ Here is what will help to get rid of bumps on the legs.Narwhal nice big burdock leaf, green mug aside lightly grease pharmacy turpentine, wrap them leg from foot to knee, top cover with plastic wrap, and over her legs to wrap something warm can be old woolen scarf.Moreover, it is necessary to wrap up the foot warmer than the shin.As soon as the leg begins to warm up, remove the bandage to prevent burns.Wrapping must be done on a daily basis throughout the summer.If you will feel discomfort from the strong heating, use turpentine, wrap the leg without it.For this procedure, you can also use the mother-and-stepmother.It is applied without turpentine white side to the foot - the foot and lower leg, wrapping the hair, without PE.

♦ In the formation of the skin on the feet of tiny cracks or abrasions useful to make the bath with calendula (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

♦ Due to wearing tight shoes hardened form on the soles of the feet.To get rid of them, the steam out of the foot, and then gently scrape hardened special scraper.If just does not work, then use the fresh juice of dandelion or celandine, and helps aloe leaf.Lubricate the dry corn on the sole of juice or a piece of tie sheet, and the next day carefully scrape off pumice softened horny layer, and then lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

♦ From corns and useful this recipe: Gather onion peel and within 2 weeks soak it in vinegar, then wring out and attach to corn overnight.The procedure is repeated every other day until the blisters disappear.

♦ You can use garlic, rubbed clove and mix evenly with lard.Lubricate the corn until it disappear.

♦ cream for rough, cracked heels: small onion, 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, beeswax piece the size of a hazelnut.Protomai onion in butter until golden brown and squeeze through cheesecloth.The pressed oil with onion juice, add the wax to melt and then mix well and pour into a hot jar.All cracks and other sore spots on your feet and anoint as often as possible, especially after washing.Regularly using this cream, you'll soon forget about the problems with the skin on the feet.