seductive legs

Female legs have always been the subject of increased attention of men.Psychologists say that it is the man's feet look first, and only then raised his eyes above.

But not only for men to take care of their feet.This should be done in the first place for themselves as foot health is reflected in all our health and mood.When feet hurt, it is not up to the smile on your face! You can do a lot for the beautiful appearance of the legs.

to toe skin was smooth, rub them in the morning with a dry brush.This method is perfectly improves blood circulation and stimulates the removal of harmful substances from the body and eliminates the effect of the so-called "heavy legs".

All legs peeling skin needs, which should be done at least once a week.If you regularly rubs your feet in the shower massage mitt or sponge, it improves blood circulation and helps against cellulite.

Regularly lubricate foot cream, because unlike the skin on other parts of the body on the feet is not much of the sebaceous glands, so the sk

in dries faster legs and often starts to peel off.

One of the biggest problems of the legs are the ingrown nail, and varicose veins.If you do not do a pedicure at the salon, then keep in mind that to cut toenails should be straight, not too much otstrigaya at the edges, as this can lead to ingrown nails.

Attention should be paid and heels.Regular cleaning of leather heels with pumice and special scrubs for feet skin zagrubenie prevent the appearance of corns and increase blood circulation in the legs.

If you often get cold feet, it may be the first sign of cellulite.Your body therefore sends you a signal that you have violated circulation.Very effective "salt socks" that need to be put on 1-2 times a week at night.To do this, soak a pair of cotton socks in a concentrated salt solution, hold them there for a couple hours, and slightly dry the slide.

top you can wear another pair of wool socks.At night, our body gets rid of fine pollutants accumulated in the legs.After each procedure, be sure to wash socks.

Ideal improves the condition and appearance of the feet, such a procedure is pouring.This can be done immediately after the common bath or shower.Pour cold leg legs one by one from the bottom up.It supports the work of veins and improves blood circulation in the ligaments and muscles.

also effective overall foot massage, which also can be done yourself, from the bottom up.During the massage, use creams with chestnut extract or extracts from grape seeds.

Some women have hairy legs.Will you remove hairs across the leg length or only at their lower part, it depends on the hair color.If they are bright, then below the knees they are practically invisible.But if the hairs are dark, they can be seen even through pantyhose.Now, many women simply shave their legs, but there are many other ways to remove hair from the legs, such as waxing, which is quite painful, and it is better to do in the salons.

Much attention should be paid to the shoes, because it is from her foot condition dependent.Your shoes should always be comfortable and large enough so as not to deform the fingers.Wearing high-heeled shoes every day it is not recommended to leave it to the front exit.