Smooth leather foot

Waxing - this procedure is the removal of the hair shaft, which rises above the surface of the skin without damaging the hair bulb.Simply put - it's shaving ...

Waxing has now become a serious problem for many people.Remove hair should be all year round.To do this, you need to purchase a special razor and cream, gel or shaving foam and aftershave.

Shaving foam greatly facilitates the process of getting rid of unwanted hair.It softens the skin and promotes soft and smooth hair removal.With the use of this tool razor glides over the surface of the foot, effortlessly cutting off all hair, gets in her way.

The composition of shaving gels often contains extracts of herbs that help to quickly heal wounds and random cuts.Furthermore, the gel comprises an oil that is not desiccate the skin during shaving.Legs after using the gel becomes soft and velvety.

When choosing a gel or shaving foam is necessary to consider your skin type.The wrong tool may cause irritation and inflammation.If you choose any cosmeti

c product and use it successfully, you should not change it just because the advertising says about the unique properties of a new-fangled product.Use that to which your skin is accustomed and to which it responds properly: is soft, smooth, not red, is not provoked, does not peel off.

It is worth to use a shaving lotion.Moisturizing Lotion not only softens the skin, but also provides a smooth gliding of the blade, preventing your feet from cuts and irritations.

In no case do not try to shave your legs without special tools - it is fraught with strong dryness and painful skin irritation.

During depilation try as often as possible to rinse the razor, then you will be able to remove all the hair quickly and efficiently.

Shaving - it is very common procedure which necessarily entails the lack of moisturizing the skin, therefore necessarily have to use the appropriate means for the skin.

course, razor blades should be individualized, and not borrowed from her husband, brother or grandfather.It has long been a special women's razors, blades which are adapted to slide on the lower leg.With this machine you've not only hurt themselves, but also to secure it firmly your skin from irritation.

addition razor for women, you can purchase a special blade with elastic mikrogrebnem that gently shaves even the most stubborn hairs.

Before starting to hair removal, it is necessary to steam the legs, to avoid possible irritation.Then it is necessary to put on a gel or foam feet and wait a little bit to the hair become soft.

two minutes later neat movements swipe machine first leg upwards and then downwards.

Once you have finished shaving process, put on a special foot cream or moisturizing lotion after shaving, which will prevent skin irritation.Do not use the cream for hands or face, because you will not achieve the desired result.

Aftershave you can replace the special oil or body lotion.

Shaving is absolutely necessary, but it has its drawbacks.Despite all precautions, you can injure your skin.Follow depilation slowly and carefully.In no case do not hurry!

should also be noted that the razor blade cuts the hair at the skin level, but it does not affect their internal structure.The very next day, again there will be black dots, signifying the beginning of the hair growth.We'll have to constantly shave their legs, that was not unpleasant to the touch rough bristles, which becomes noticeable within a day after shaving.

should be aware that in some women the skin is very sensitive to mechanical stimulation and reacts to shaving or even on the most delicate machine for hair removal painful prolonged redness or inflammation of the hair follicles that are close to the skin surface.Sometimes there is an allergy to mechanical irritation.