Cracks in the heels .Compresses and lotions from cracked heels

cracks on your heels - this is a very unpleasant thing that can lead to serious illness as disturbed top layer of skin, so open access of microbes to the inner layers of the skin.Therefore, if during the inspection of feet you have found cracks in the heels, immediately consult a dermatologist and under his control begin to be treated.At the same time do not neglect and folk remedies.

is believed that the appearance of cracks on the heels of evidence of excessive dryness of the skin.But regular treatments and the use of moisturizers can help you get rid of this trouble forever.

Banana compresses

Cover Lots feet cracked fresh banana peel the inner side of the skin, polyethylene wrap and put on socks.Leave compress at night, in the morning, wash the feet with warm water.Perform the procedure for 5-6 days.

compress chives

arrow Clean fresh green onions to chop pulp consistency.Cover with gauze, apply to the affected area and cover with plastic film or compress paper.Wrap a bandage or wear socks,

leave compress at night.In the morning wash your feet with warm water.

compress oil tincture Walnut

you need ready oil tincture of green walnuts.Moisten in oil tincture of green walnut gauze.Apply to cracks, wrap polyethylene and a bandage or wearing socks on top.Leave overnight.

Compress lemon

lemon Rinse under running water, cut in half, squeeze the juice.The resulting "cup lemon" put on the heels and let sit for 20-30 minutes.Then wash the feet with lukewarm water.

Cabbage poultice

Rinse leaf cabbage, then beat off a hammer until it is tender and juicy.Place the sheet on the heel, the top cover with polyethylene wear thick socks (preferably woolen).Compress done overnight.In the morning, remove, lubricate the feet cream.

Compress-wash cabbage (for the treatment of severe cracks)

200 grams of leaves of cabbage mince, squeeze the juice.Gauze, moisten juice, apply to the pre-steaming feet, wrap compress paper or polyethylene.Secure with a bandage or wear socks, leave the poultice on 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.Good grease heel cream.

Honey and cabbage wrap (with cracks and heel spur)

you need the fresh leaves of cabbage, honey.Take a warm foot bath, steam out of the foot, dry towel and lubricate the heels of a thin layer of honey.The washed and obsushenny cabbage leaf attach to the soles of his feet, strapped by a bandage and leave overnight.In the morning remove the wrap, foot grease moisturizing cream.Repeat wraps for a few more days.