Summer 2007 : Fashion trends

be stylish, to be fashionable - be summer!And this does not need to update your entire wardrobe and spend a lot of money.In the end, the women we are practical, and already know exactly what good taste and fashion accessories can make a woman stylish at no additional cost.On that same fashionable women should pay attention this summer Ekstramodno today - overestimated waist jeans and trousers!But do not forget that the overestimated waist is different, so make sure you select the right level.Depending on where the waist line passes, and changing your figure.Care should be taken: a few extra centimeters in either direction - and your silhouette becomes disproportionate.The top should always be shortened jacket - double-breasted, top - a lush and layered.

Today importantly - form.In a fashion clearly defined, sculpted thighs and waist line.Belt becomes smooth and very wide, as if imitating slimming corset.This cut is able to correct minor figure flaws, but is contraindicated in those whose curves are far

from perfect.

proceeding from features of their own figures.Of course, high-waisted jeans with a more suitable slender girls.But even those who do not have such a figure can be found in the trend model for themselves.For example, pants or jeans with large trousers, flared bottom.

As for fashion accessories, the first paragraph - stylish glasses!Moreover, there should be at least two pairs of "morning" black sunglasses will protect from the sun and allow us to hide the sleep from his eyes, or no make-up because of the extreme haste, but the "evening" translucent models are useful for fashionable parties, gatherings in cafes orwalks in the evening city.

Each woman must be a business suit.But if this summer you will become a little bolder, even to work in a suit will look simply stunning.Fashion this summer you can wear shorts with a business and even evening wear!The main thing - to choose the right model and length.

Creative Bag - this volume "bag" or a strict bag, it all depends on your style.Fashionable difference is in the details: Locks, prints and bright lining.Moreover, the bags can be reworking and do most: to embroider her buttons, sequins, sequins or flowers.For this fit the old bag, a familiar and convenient form, which at a certain patience, you can give a second life!

In fashion headbands - from sports gym or jogging up a brocade turban in evening dress.This accessory will not only adjust not too successful hairstyle, but also radically change your image.Dressing in a pair with big jewelry and long skirt flying together will give your romance, and a turban with a little black dress will turn you into an elegant lady.

white shoes came into fashion.Without wincing!It is understood that the white shoes impractical and quickly becomes unfit for use, but sometimes you can afford such a luxury.Wear bright unusual stylish sandals, certainly high-heeled, you will feel a lightness of grace!

And that this season should be removed from the wardrobe, or lay down on the farthest shelf waiting fickle whims of fashion?

- Today, things are gradually losing popularity in the 60's style.Wear short skirts with transparent pantyhose today completely out of fashion, but they will look great with leggings in the style of the 90s.

- Long sharp-nosed shoes at Cape hopelessly outdated, whether shoes, shoes or boots.This is good, because this is hardly comfortable shoes.

However, choosing her clothes in the first place, give preference to the things in which you feel comfortable and cozy, the things that make it your individual way!Fashion comes and goes, and we stay!