Fashion & Style.Blouse for full women

Every woman aspires to look elegant, but slender, with a good figure, it has always been much easier to make than a full.

Every woman aspires to look elegant, but slender, with a good figure, it has always been much easier to make than a full.

Industry, for the most part manufactures products on the average size of 46-52, as they are much easier to sell.But what do you do full women?After all, each of us, regardless of size, want to have in the wardrobe of a few things that would conceal the fullness and makes women "slimmer".

offers you several samples of blouses for obese women.

blouse-top model for a full and very complete woman of firm «Gudrun Sjoden».Material viscose and cotton.

This blouse-top can be worn with a skirt, not only, but also with trousers.Garnish with a blouse can be large or large beads pendant.

Bright sunshine and the heat sometimes have nowhere to hide.But do not be upset if you are wearing a vest, made from flax.

Len - perfectly absorbs moisture (up to 23%

of its own weight) and dries quickly, even in comparison with cotton.Linen is very strong, a little dirty, a good antiseptic.Clothes made of linen fabric perfectly supports the body's natural temperature regulation.Flax is neutral to smells and pleasantly cools the skin in the heat.Len create "an atmosphere of happiness," relieves the discomfort.Tunic made from 100% linen.Length 75 -. 85 cm

discreet color blouse with long sleeves of crepe georgette and viscose buttoned.This product will look great on all women, even if your size is 64-66.It is this style hides figure flaws.The triangular cut-out approach and the one and a short neck or double chin.

And, of course, do not forget about accessories.Gold or silver chain necklace, beads will make your bathroom elegant.In this model, at half-mast sleeve length 56-62 cm length of the product 76- 82, low-cut neckline 24-28 cm.

blouse is cut by the type of a man's shirt with sleeves, "three-quarters" inmedium-sized three-color striped button-down.Material: cotton, viscose, polyester.For such a model, 46 or 60 you have size - does not matter - it will suit everyone.This shirt will hide any figure flaws and will never go out of fashion.

In this photo with a fan-shaped sleeve tunic with a beautiful finish and visually high-waisted.This model hides the flaws of the female figure, conceals the size of the thighs and buttocks.

Blouse for full women in romantic style with short sleeves.Ruffles and embroidery gives it a special flavor.The recommended length of 90 cm. This Blois will look good with pants and a skirt in a business setting and on vacation.

blouse to complete a woman from the company «Romeo & amp;Juliet »with long sleeves.Material satin or rayon.Strict blouse allows you to use it as an everyday clothing, and if you decorate it with colorful accessories, then it can go to a blouse or a visit to the party.

Tips full women

- Do not have a wardrobe of sweaters and dresses with dropped shoulder line.

- Do not wear short skirts.In them, your figure will look like a square.

- Skirts and trousers in the wardrobe desirable soothing colors, no acid colors and large patterns.

- Do not wear very tight clothes.It is much more advantageous look loose silhouettes.

- Do not wear things that emphasizes the waist.

- Jeans with a classic jacket or shirt men hide figure flaws.

- If you have your hands full, you Needless to wear dresses and sleeveless tops.