Style " vintage" now in vogue

In conversations about fashion word "vintage" sounds more and more frequently, of course, be interesting to know, what is it?"Vintage" is translated from English literally means "harvest of high quality wine given year long-term exposure, as a rule, not less than ten years."A fashionable word «vintage» means new life to old, second-hand, once the fashion.

Clothing from "my grandmother's chests" now has become the most fashionable trend in the fashion world, and, we are talking about really old clothes, clothes last.Movie stars and socialites, trendsetter began to appear on a variety of get-togethers in dresses, haute couture, but not from the latest collections, and 60s, or even earlier, and even well-known fashion houses begin to stylize the latest collection by "retro".

Generally, a "vintage" mean the original or authentic thing is age, not younger than 20 years, which clearly are seen fashion trends since its inception, so the passion of "vintage" is impossible without the love of history and knowl

edge of the history of fashion.To distinguish between "vintage" item, you need to highlight certain criteria such as age - the first and most important of them.Thus, the "vintage" can be considered a thing is not younger than 20 years.Clothes with 15 years' experience "is considered to be modern, and some historians suggest the fashion to call" vintage "only the clothes created by 60-ies.the last century, and things started in the later period, regarded as "retro".Further classification of "vintage" items divided for decades, beginning with clothing of the Victorian era.

But the venerable age is not yet a basis for reckoning things to "vintage"."Vintage" clothes should be a kind of work of art, original and distinctive, but fully expresses the fashion trends of his time.

And yet, how to wear and buy things of this style?First you need to understand what "vintage" is divided into categories such as true "vintage" - a rare thing, often well-known brands, stylized "vintage" - the use of modern collection of silhouettes, drawings, decoration, cut retro clothes, combined, "vintage"- the use of" vintage "clothing materials during manufacture, together with the modern.

Using authentic retro-elements in your outfit requires fault-finding and taste.Even very old thing is to sit like a glove, for which it is necessary to adjust the figure.Do not forget about the appropriateness of the environment and the environment - every thing has its purpose.

If the clothes, which is 20-50 years old, for you are still too much, try to start with accessories.Jewelry, especially brooches, are one of the main components of "vintage" style, then you can gradually move to the bags and things.

«vintage" clothes - clothes with age and history, so it is important when buying a properly assess her condition.Of course, the older the piece of clothing, the more it traces of aging and wearing.

«vintage" clothes is better to buy with a small margin, for example on the size more.As you know, the old things are very fragile, so it is better not to stretch, otherwise you run the risk of just damage the product.And again, do not rely entirely on modern dimensions."Vintage" clothing refers to a past epoch and size standards vary from year to year and vary depending on the brand.

If you appreciate antiques, the energy intensity of things, the "vintage" style for you."Vintage" living things warm, because they have a large amount of work invested, love and time.