Motives of autumn.Shoes - 2007

all sorts of shoes are needed, all sorts of shoes are important - it all depends on the weather conditions.Not far off the autumn.Rain and bad weather.But, despite this weather, we still want to look elegant and feminine, you want to reduce the male mind, it would be desirable not to forget that we are women and we are not afraid of even depression.

to look great, a woman needs very little: she had in the locker room should be more than one pair of shoes.

Different companies offer their goods.The main thing - do not get lost in this huge selection and find the "golden slipper" that really make you happy.

Designers all over the world vying to offer their new products.This fall, actual round and sharp nose, high and stable heel, heel and a shot of the pin.

not forgotten about them and "vintage".Again I returned to fashion our mothers and grandmothers.Fashion 60-80 years is not sunk into oblivion - she was revived, but with new elements.

still remains in vogue classic style.Fashionable thi

s season and patent shoes.Heel height varies from 3 to 12 cm. But, ultimately, it all depends on your taste and desires.A great choice!

This fall is very fashionable shoes with all kinds of straps and buckles on a metal decorative buckle.

Fashion - fashion, but, nevertheless, we should not forget that a woman is only the ideal form of legs can wear the shoes - because of the pronounced horizontal line strap leg looks shorter.

However, there are also models with slanting strap, dating back to the ankle, they just may very well look at your leg.

But the strap around the ankle accentuate its delicacy and elegance.In general, a decorative strap gives your slender legs sexy.

Take a look at the diversity of the proposed models.You will see that the varnish has not lost its relevance today, in vogue "vintage", is still unrivaled classic.

As the saying goes, there is not only to see, but also to choose for themselves, and buy shoes for all ages and all tastes.

Classic shoes are women in high demand because they are not only stylish, but also comfortable to wear.Manufacturers offer a huge selection of shoes.Some of the details in these models may vary from season to season, depending on fashion, but the classic is always a classic.

Classic shoes - is not just a part of your toilet.This lifestyle is a certain social status.

Shoes has on women's magic act, it is fascinating, though deceive, and it is impossible to resist: succumbing to the charms of a woman gets another pair of shoes.

Closed autumn shoes fit better than others to fall.They are comfortable, elegant, in their warm and cozy feet.The choice of styles and trends is huge.This can be both acute and long, blunt nose.

Hit the fall season - boots with lace.

Do not get lost in the variety offered to season shoes.The choice of color, pattern, height of the heel - it is your personal choice, your style, a reflection of your perception of the world and his or her identity.

no mistake, and you will always be stylish!