Find your style

Whatever we say, and the desire to look good is inherent in any woman.But when you look at the crowd tasteless dressed ladies necessarily think about what to do with the ability to dress, good taste and a lot of useful tips to generously distribute women's magazines? Of course, it is possible to justify the lack of money for clothes "haute couture", but has long been clearthat the money factor in the question of good taste is not the most important.And example of this, many women with wardrobes modest cost, but nevertheless elegant and beautifully dressed.

If birth is given the ability to choose the right one that fits your style, demeanor, and the contents of the purse - definitely lucky.But, if such capacity is missing, do not despair - you can develop a good taste.To do this is to learn simple rules and follow them in the selection of things.

basic rule in the selection of things - a reasonable number of them.Do not clog your wardrobe things that stubbornly refuse to be combined with each other, an

d it is better to give preference kostyumnym combinations.

This costume is meant for not only the classic version, which must be present in every woman's wardrobe.According to the principle of "suit" must be chosen, and other things.For example, buying jeans, select them suitable jacket, top, pullover or jacket.And already on the basis of these combinations, pick shoes, handbags and other accessories.Let your wardrobe will be a few things, but they will all be properly matched.

is important, the quality of the things you buy.Super-low or low-quality things will never look stylish and fashionable, what is more, they will lead to "no" to the rest of your outfit.Cheap, poorly made shoes bag or devalue any expensive and stylish suit, so it's better to have a few good-quality and high-quality items than to buy for the same money half the clothing market.

wise Englishmen, who know a lot about style, no wonder they say: "We are not rich enough to afford cheap things."Quality item and will last longer, and feel it, you'll be more comfortable.

Unpretentious accessories and faux fur are only good for the young girls who have a youth - the best decoration.Mature ladies should aspire to all of good quality and the natural and special care in choosing things for themselves.

Obviously, it is not necessary to combine the expensive stylish things with the Chinese masters products: expensive things - to expensive things cheap - for cheap.Here are just clothes, shoes, cosmetics and sweaters woman should not save.

fashion rules may not only be tough and even cruel.But blindly follow all fashion trends more than unreasonable.Not all the new items offered are like specifically to you, your figure, and if the mirror says that this is not your thing, then you need to give up, no matter how fashionable and desirable is no matter.Ultimately, the fashionable thing is not the one that inundated the shelves of all stores, and one that sits well, is right for you and emphasizes individuality.

first thing that gives a bad taste, and the inability to dress beautifully, even the quality of things, and properly selected color combinations, so the selection of the color gamut of your wardrobe should be treated with due care.

Many ladies, not to make a mistake, choose the black and gray range, occasionally diluting its fashionable color this season.However, this method has many shortcomings.Dark colors will make you completely invisible to the surrounding background, and fashionable color can be completely out of the face, so the best advice - try to trim clothing on a "go - no go".

(To be continued)