Find your own style ( continued)

Sometimes women savings extend to the "what is not seen."Especially from this worldly calculation suffer stockings and tights.Economical Russian ladies often wear under pants and long skirts worn and even torn hosiery.But the quality of our clothes inexplicably finds reflection in our eyes.If you have under your clothes openwork lingerie and stockings with a belt, the most formal suit will give you an aura of subtle sexuality.Treat yourself and buy expensive sets of 2-3.Even if you take care of them for special occasions, their very presence in your wardrobe will please you.

Although everyday underwear should not lose shape and be nice and convenient.As for the stockings or tights, sadly, but with the first tightening they should be part, or all of your tricks look elegant will be reduced to zero.

good shoes - it's not just the convenience, comfort and beauty.It gives a complete image, with her help, we mask the lack of growth, lengthen the leg and shocking the audience.The main thing - that it was go

od quality.Quality shoes last longer, look better and does not spoil the feet, and it is more than enough reason to buy shoes in good shops and not to save on quality.This is especially important for residents of large cities, where shoes can not be removed for 12-14 hours a day, and you can not close or change the uncomfortable shoes for the day.

spirits despite their ephemeral can not be attributed to the objects of luxury.It is a necessity for every woman.With respect to the spirits of the women are divided into two categories: one for life remain faithful to the beloved smell, others are inclined to experiment and change the smell.

But anyway, it's hard to imagine that you can do without perfume in principle.When choosing a perfume you need to know that the spirits are day and evening, heavy and light, for young and mature women.The smell should be in harmony with you, but even if correctly chosen perfume is too strong smell can be taken seriously by others.

One of the rules is to match the elegance of your dress to the place where you are or are going to go, otherwise you will feel discomfort and vulnerability.Strict office suit will not allow you to relax in the jolly get-together, and faded jeans are unlikely to be in harmony with the theatrical decoration.

Whatever you say, but our efforts are directed to look increasingly attractive and well dressed out to attract the male gaze.But what is interesting: if women can notice every little detail toilets, men perceive a woman as a whole, focusing not on the style of shoes, but on purely subjective message - "like - not like".And here it is anyway: if the super expensive and fashionable outfit you do not have to face, then you will only cast a indifferent or even puzzled look.

Clothing should be in harmony with your mood, temperament, time of year, day, environment and social status.Only in this case it will fulfill its primary task, make you beautiful, desirable and unique, different from all the elegance and style.