Clothing for women of mature age

Fashion - fashion, but in the choice of clothing middle-aged women often are lost, then, putting too bright youth shocking things, but, on the contrary, reduce wardrobe for a few things out of fashion, season and age voobsche.Bezuslovno, age shouldsome change and preferences in clothing, but, above all, need to understand the most, what you are and what you want to look in the eyes of others.Clothing should be comfortable, but not only - it is designed to reflect your personality, originality, all to emphasize your strengths and style.

If we talk about the clothes of a woman who for ..., then there are a few general rules to follow that can look younger for a few years, be elegant and feel confident.

Firstly, the older you get, the lighter things should hang in your closet.White and shades are all, and if you do not decide to put on a white suit or a dress, try at least a blouse or scarf.

Style "glamor" (in English the word "charming") allows all fairly slim ladies look like a real lady.In particular

this applies to middle-aged women.In this style, there are stylish non-business suits bright bright colors, flowing skirts and blouses, form-fitting dresses up to mid-knee.

Even if you have never worn pants, try and risk.Pick the appropriate style, for instance, trousers, loose in the hips and narrowed down, are many, will make you slimmer, give the elegance of the entire appearance.Good and straight trousers moderate width of the arrow.

Try a variety of styles of your skirt, do not dwell on a straight skirt with splines.Soft shapes, flowing fabrics, elegant cut make the skirt and dressy, and business, and sexual - depending on the purpose of the toilet.

Avoid "jackets"!This is not about blouses, jumpers, sweaters, and many other top items of women's clothing.It "jackets", shapeless, sometimes absurd, of unknown origin, who are so often put women at an age donashivaya or not realizing how ugly they look.This kind of clothing should be generally left to give.

Purchase or sew one, but a very nice jacket or blazer, single breasted better - it will ennoble any woman.Do not save money on jumpers - things must be of good quality and style.

Do not be afraid to emphasize those parts of your figure that you think are effective.If you have delicate ankles, wearing a skirt and pants, which reveal the little they

if you have a slim shin - safely wear the skirt length to the middle of the knee

if your wrists are thin, emphasizes their bracelets.

Generally, wear jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings or clips, but not cheap crafts, and worthy of your age products.

Wear shoes only on his heels, not necessarily high - 3-4 cm is enough.In such shoes leg will look slimmer and gait - lighter and sleeker.

With age, the vast majority of women should pick up a nice hairstyle and hair painted in a color slightly lighter than the natural.Do not do it yourself, and be sure to go to the barber shop and use services master.

Wear a hat!A good hat is expensive, but it can completely transform you.The hat is a way of life, way of thinking.You'll see how to change the expression of your eyes even when you try on a hat!

And, of course, enjoy life, do not notice their age, build plans for the future, and life will appear to you in bright and joyful colors!