Blush .Secrets of the beauty of your face

Lady of almost any age would like to have a gentle natural blush on the cheeks.But not all of nature has bestowed so.Those who do not possess it by nature, come to the aid of rouge.But the choice of blush should be approached very carefully.After correctly matched the tone of blush not only beautify your appearance, but it can even spoil it by giving your face unwanted yellowness and redness.And that instead of a gentle blush not get on their cheeks painful redness, use our tips on selection rumyan.Pri choosing blush usually come from hair color and skin.After all, if you apply on the face too bright or too dark blush, you run the risk of becoming like a painted doll.Brownish blush on the snow-white skin will make you look like a seriously ill. to choose the most suitable shade of blush , you need to proceed as follows: do some physical training exercises, staring into the mirror.The color of your cheeks after physical exercise is the most natural shade for you.

And it must be remembered that the lig

hter shades fit and tanned and dark skin to light - saturated and dark.It is best to have left more than one shade of blush, but at least two.One - for everyday, day make-up, and the other - darker - for the evening, the output options.

blush actually designed not only to revive the person, but also to adjust its shape when it is needed.

Blush exist two main types: oily, dry .

Fatty (creamy) blush .

Such rouge is applied on top of the powder is not, and under it.Taking on the tips of his fingers a little fatty blush, gently rub them into the skin directly to the foundation.First, put a small spot on each cheek, and then begin to gently rub the blush while smearing them.If necessary apply a thick layer of rouge, it is performed in several stages, and applying the same pitch.It is better to put a few thin layers of blush and accurate than one thick.

Dry (compact) blush .If fatty

rouge also used as a basis, the principle use of the same dry, powdered like.Compact powder blush applied on a large fluffy brush.At first blush is applied to a small portion of which is then carefully shaded.Dry blush are applied first to the most prominent part of the face - cheeks.Traffic should be sent from the site, located under the center of the eye.Then smile to indicate the cheeks, and apply blush to them.After that, on the contrary, retract the cheek to determine the bottom border of blush.

basic rules applying blush .

to your rosy cheeks looked flawless, you need to learn how to direct blush.It is important to know that blush should not be applied too close to the nose .This can wear out a visual of you.

For evening makeup used a darker shade of blush than the one that you usually use.In addition, it is useful to use blush with sequins for evening or festive make-up.

Rouge, as well as the powder, you need to properly shade.This is done with a brush when dry blush and rouge for fat - a sponge.

accepted that blush applied exclusively to the cheeks.But this is not the case.They also applied on the chin, and

whiskey can be distinguished center of the forehead, apply blush to the earlobe, and even in the corners of the eyes.Of course, not every woman or girl is necessary.Typically, blush thus superimposed with the aim face shape correction.

And to your face did not seem overly broad because of rouge, you can not apply blush on the cheeks, it is necessary to shade them only on cheekbones towards the hairline.

- Blush inflicted too high on the cheekbones, visually pull the face.
- A rouged cheeks shorten the lower part of it.
- In order to push a little too prominent part of the face, apply blush dark shades.
- And if you are, on the contrary, you want to highlight any areas that blush in the case of light needed.

As we said above, decided to pick up a blush hair color and skin tone.What blush shades will suit you?

Blondes .
If you are blonde by nature or dye your hair in a light color, you fit almost any shades of blush.The main thing that they were carefully shade.Do not forget that the blush tone should match the overall tone of your makeup.It is best to apply blush to the completion of make-up, after you make up lips and eyes.

haired .
If you red-haired beauty, then you should forget about the overly bright colors of blush.Otherwise, make your already bright appearance will look like simply calling.Blush haired women should not attract too much attention, they must be combined with the hair color and complexion.You should also know that red is not suitable for different shades of pink, and therefore exclude from your cosmetic arsenal all pink blush.The most suitable are considered soft peach or various shades of beige blush.

Brunettes .
dark-haired girls and women, as well as blondes, suits almost everyone.Dark hair color without any obvious shades is very convenient when selecting shades of blush.And yet we can not say that absolutely any color will suit you.The most optimal considered beige, peach and pink shades, but without a care in purple tones.As for the carrot saturated colors, such blush can give a person a bright brunette painful yellowness, and bright red blush or cold shades of pink will add you to vulgarity.

Oriental Beauty .
special type with oriental appearance to the face will be pale pink or light brown with a red blush shade.And remember: the darker the color, the darker should be a shade of blush.Skin ivory natural pastel shades of blush fit perfectly.