Preparation of lotions for the skin around the eyes at home

infusions, decoctions of birch buds rejuvenate the skin, improve its tone.Beauticians are advised to use their skin in inflammatory processes.

good effect on the skin and provides a decoction of birch bark.To prepare the broth take tablespoon cortex pulverized in a coffee grinder and boiled for ten minutes in 0.5 liters of water.The broth used for compresses, rinse and wipe the skin.

popular we have potatoes has also medicinal properties.fresh potato juice acts as an anti-inflammatory agent used to treat burns, painful blisters.Potato - an important source of vitamin C. Of course, he is not the champion of the content of this vitamin, but product availability and ease of preparation of cosmetic preparations of potatoes give reason to look closely at the recipe.

Often, after a sleepless night or a long visual work appears puffiness under the eyes.To decrease it take finely grated raw potatoes, wrap it in gauze and apply to eyelids for 25-30 minutes.Then remove and wipe the skin infusion of chamomile.S

uch masks are made two-three times a week.

very effective in fading skin mask of boiled potatoes.Major young potato, boil in their skins.Clean it still warm, mash, mix with two tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of glycerin with a spoon.The mask should be applied to warm to 15 to 20 minutes.Then rinse your face with warm water, wipe infusion of lime-colored and apply for 30-40 minutes nourishing cream.

If the skin around the eye is irritated greatly, it can be used for the treatment of masks, creams, decoctions of lettuce, because it is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Parsley - is not only a condiment, which is enjoying increased attention of gourmets.Since ancient times it was used as a medicine.The Greeks and Romans cultivated it for medical and cosmetic purposes.According to the content of minerals, especially those important for living cells, like iron and potassium, parsley ranks first among the fruits and vegetables.Vitamin C in parsley is ten times more than green salad.Many in her phosphorus, calcium.Because parsley is possible to prepare a lotion.

Wonderful lotion can be prepared from the leaves of aloe.This plant is almost in every home.A few leaves of aloe, rinse well in cold water, air dry and within seven - ten days in the refrigerator on a plate.For the lotion you need 100 grams of leaves.Clean them from the film and pour 1 - 1.5 liters of cold water, then allow to stand for two hours.After that, put in an enamel mug or bucket and boil on low heat for five minutes.Then the broth cool, strain and pour into a bottle.Keep the broth in a cool place.It is very useful for the prevention of wrinkles around the eyes.

lotions can be prepared not only from the fresh herbs and dried out.The appropriate charges can be purchased at the pharmacy.And now a few recipes from a collection of various dried herbs.

you need sage, rose petals, mint and chamomile.One tablespoon of dried sage leaves, rose petals, mint and chamomile put in an enamel bowl, add the plantain, parsley, aloe.Aloe is best to cook a little earlier.To do this, take a few leaves, wash them, give them to dry, then chop finely.The whole is mixed thoroughly and fill it with two or one and a half cups of hot water.For more intensive action, add one spoon of any acidic juice or a pinch of citric acid.This lotion will help the skin around the eyes acquire elasticity.It will be useful for sensitive skin.

to take the next recipe dill (it can be replaced shredded oak bark), sage and lime blossom.A tablespoon of sage, a teaspoon of dill or chopped oak bark, a tablespoon of lime-colored pour two cups of hot water.Put the solution in a cool place for two hours.Then strain through cheesecloth or a clean strainer.The resulting drain water into a bottle and store in refrigerator.This solution will be useful to prevent wrinkles.

Take a mixture of crushed herbs: horsetail, yarrow, lime blossom one tablespoon, pour two cups of hot water.Cover and allow to stand for about two hours.Strain through cheesecloth or a strainer and pour in a vial or bottle.Store in the refrigerator.

lotion of green leaves of parsley with the addition of roots is prepared as follows: the rhizome should be pre-grate or chop.Now all this mass mix with the same amount of finely chopped parsley leaves.Take two or three tablespoons, pour a glass of hot water and boil for half an hour.You can also boil "water bath" on low heat.Then lotion is cool, pour it in a convenient vial or bottle.Store in the refrigerator.The lotion is useful for those who want to rejuvenate the skin.

lotion balm, mint, yarrow can be cooked like fresh plants and dried out.Take 3-4 of the stem with leaves of these plants, wash them, put on clean paper to dry out.Dried plant finely chop and place in a convenient dish for boiling.Boil it is best to "water bath" on low heat.Then cool and pour into a bottle.Yarrow can be replaced calendula, plantain, chamomile, sage.

tones the skin infusion of anise.Take one glass of cold water, add the one teaspoon of anise infusion.

One tablespoon of dried flowers of linden and one table spoon of mint into the cup of hot water.All mix and boil in any capacity for five to seven minutes, then cool and pour into a bottle.Store in a cool place.

The following recipe is suitable for those who have skin around the eyelids is very dry.Take a peach or almond oil, heat it in a bowl.Then three cups of dried or fresh rose petals or rose hips pour heated butter, put on fire and bring to a boil.Rose petals fade at this point.

Lotions are used not only as a therapeutic agent.They are very easy to remove eye make-up.To remove makeup and suitable mixture of water, castor and olive oil in equal amounts.

These lotions can help you remove eyelid edema.Another tip is to avoid swelling of eyelids: eat as little salt as possible.The eyelids may swell up and from the wrong position during sleep.During sleep, your head should be above the body.Also, avoid poorly digested food, eat as much salad as possible, green vegetables, after them a little put out.To eyelids swelled not, give up coffee, tea, hot spices, and instead drink a decoction of chamomile fasting sugar.

Protect your eyes - it means to get enough sleep, eat right.If the eyes are irritated or severely scratched, never let them rub.Better somknite for some time ever.For them it is the best holiday.