Corns .Folk remedies against corns

"We would like this to plow, so do not fill corns!" - Says the proverb.For calluses cause us a lot of inconvenience, pain, from all this bad mood.In short, some disorders.But corn can and should be treated.To do this, there are many folk remedies recipes.

compress pine

rasparte corn, apply a fresh coniferous sap and fix plaster.Leave overnight, repeat until the disappearance of blisters.

compress Aloe (with chronic deep blisters)

you need three-leaf aloe (agave).Make steamed foot bath, then attach to the corns cut aloe leaf, wrap compress paper or polyethylene.Attach the bandage, leave for the night.Continue treatment until the disappearance of blisters.

compress of figs

Take a warm foot bath and well rasparte corn, dry your feet dry, attach to the toes cut berry ripe figs inner side.Attach using the bandage and put on socks.Leave compress at night.Do packs daily until complete healing.

compress prune

You will need 100 grams of ripe prunes and 250 ml of milk.Prunes Wash, put in hot m

ilk and seethe until tender.Remove the seeds, pulp hot attach to corn.Cooled fruit to replace hot.Continue until the corn is not to steam, then rub them with a pumice stone and rinse with warm water.Confirm (if necessary) the next day or within a few days.

compress chives

Fresh green onions, rinse and pat dry.Finely chop, then mash to a pulp.Apply to corn, cover with compress paper or polyethylene, wrap a bandage or wear socks.Leave compress at night.In the morning rinse with warm water, rub the callus with a pumice stone, and again, wash with warm water.Repeat until the disappearance of blisters.

soap bandage

you need ordinary soap and fresh leaves of lilac.Grate a bar of soap, mix with warm water to the dough and put a layer on a sheet of lilac.Apply to corn and secure with a bandage and put on socks.Change the bandage every day until healing callus.

dressing wood glue

Collect fresh wood glue with any of the following trees: apple, cherry, apricot.Apply for steamed corn strapped bandage.Change daily until the disappearance of blisters.

bandages from broth oak bark

Prepare a decoction of oak bark in a ratio of 1: 5.Moisten in a warm broth gauze, apply to the legs and feet of the top, close the woolen cloth.Repeat several treatments every night before going to bed to cure.

bandage with propolis

Make a hot foot bath, gently scrape corn and attach a heated piece of propolis.Tightly wrap the bandage, leave the bandage on for three days.Then try to remove the corn.If it is not removed, repeat the procedure.