Warts .Getting rid of warts

Warts have up to 200 species.Most often, they are formed on the hands and soles of the feet and is a skin tumor size from a pinhead to a 20-penny coin size.Approximately 50% of patients warts may disappear by themselves.

Due to the fact that warts are more common in young people, it is believed that with age, the human body develops immunity against them.Most adults warts disappear within two years.But is it worth the wait?You can apply for the removal of warts by a dermatologist, and you can try to get rid of these traditional methods.

- Raw onion soak in vinegar for 2 hours, and then bind to the wart overnight.Repeat for several days.The wart should come out by the roots.

- Within 10 days of rubbing the warts with fresh juice of sour apples.After 10 days, the warts disappear.

- On warts bandage with mashed leaves of Kalanchoe.After a day on fresh bandage change.A week later the warts should disappear.

- Moisten the wart with water, and then rub the smelling salts.

- Every night before going to b

ed to drip 1 drop of acetic acid to each wart, pre-lubricated with Vaseline skin around since the acid is very corrosive.Haphazard use of acetic acid can cause burns, which is much more difficult to cure than the wart itself.

- Rub the wart pure chalk, chalk pour on top of another and tie a woolen cloth.Every 3 days to change the bandage.Repeat three times.

- Take a thin wooden stick, hold it over the fire and an end to cauterize the wart.Repeat several times.A week later, the wart will fall off.

- Wood ash is diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream.Lubricate warts resulting slurry daily.

- Twice a day drip to the wart aloe juice, celandine, dandelion, pineapple, arborvitae.A week later, the wart will come.

- Good help willow bark: it is necessary to boil the bark of willow trees in vinegar, and then from the resulting broth to make a lotion.

- Grind the seeds of cornflower, to mix with interior lard.The resulting ointment is applied to the wart and bandage.After 3 days, change the bandage.After 7 days, the warts disappear.

- Cut the rind of a ripe banana pieces 2-3 cm and put the yellow side down.Get a few drops of garlic juice or milk dandelion and drip onto the wart on top, then use adhesive to attach a piece of banana skin."Blotch" change every morning for 7-10 days to complete disappearance of warts.