Therapeutic wraps for hair beauty

not happen if you, being a barber, watch him with a worried look sees your hair or the scalp, and then recommends a therapeutic body wrap?It would be quite wrong to believe that he is doing it for purely mercenary motives.

Certainly, he found in the hair or on the scalp and changes suggested prophylactic use vegetable or animal fats in an emulsion containing castor oil, and cholesterol.Barber may recommend for wrapping finished emulsion containing fat base, together with the active compounds.Penetrating into the skin and hair, these substances and fats contribute to better nutrition and hair restoration.

Depending on the condition of the skin of the scalp specialist will determine what you need to wrap: nutritional cholesterol, lecithin, egg yolk or wrapping of the oils and herbs.For example, oily seborrhea, he will offer a drug absorbing fat, limiting its excessive excretion.

fortified therapeutic wrap

This wrap is very useful to strengthen hair.0.5 Bottle emulsion with lecithin, egg yolk 1, 10

g of castor oil, 10 g tritizanola.With the help of hot water to obtain a thick viscous mixture, which you will put on a flat hair brush or a used toothbrush.

So, in the middle of the head separate strand comb and place it on the left hand.Put a lock on the prepared mixture and fold hair curl, and then fasten the clasp on the scalp.Around this ringlet put one after the other strands lubricated.Finally, apply the mixture to the rest of you are to be erected in the shape resembling an egg, and then proceed on the principle that the greater the heat, the greater the effect.Therefore, cover your head preheated towel, or use a heat source such as hot-water bottle.Then rinse the head.Especially careful to be rinsed, if involved in the treatment of egg yolk.The latest water should be added to a binder for rinsing (lemon juice).

oily wrap for dry and brittle hair

take means to wash your hair - 10 ml of castor oil - 10 ml peanut butter - 20 ml and tritizanol - 20 ml.Oil with detergent strongly shake the bottle well before use to mix and heat up in a water bath.

Hair distribute in small quantities, and warm oil with a cotton swab apply on the scalp.Finally, comb all the hair and tie a towel.Due to the heat emitted by the body, oil is better perceived.

wrap with the addition of lecithin

Take Fish Oil - 5 ml of castor oil - 10 ml Hair Shampoo - 10 ml and 1 egg yolk.Castor oil and fish oil to warm up well in a water bath, and then with your fingertips to rub into the scalp.For this purpose, the hair must be divided into pieces.During the whole time of action - 10 minutes - whisking the yolk with detergent to foam appearance.The resulting mass is uniformly applied to the hair and scalp and left on for 5 minutes.Then thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water.