How to care for fine hair ?

you think that thin hair - a problem?Maybe, if you do not know how to emphasize their undoubted advantages - softness, silkiness, and how to deal with the negatives - the lack of strength and volume.As you know, on the plus minus always gives a positive result.Talk of what it skladyvaetsya.Kak often wash your hair, the question of an individual, but as practice shows, the thin dirt hair, sebum more visible, so the next day they hang like "icicles."Wash your hair as often as required (marked with a "tool for the frequent use of" obligatory).Use shampoos for "completeness" of hair, which are easily recognizable by the inscription on the label "volume" or "fine hair".Principle of operation they have one: funds have shielding effect on the memory of his leave on hair thinnest plyonochku to every hair has become a bit thicker and harder, and the hair on the whole magnificent.

About balms talk too much.This thing is definitely good, it detangles, moisturizes.But keep in mind, using a balm, it is necessary to

sacrifice volume.Balm closes the keratin scales, making the hair smooth and shiny, but also ... more subtle.If you apply it, it is only on the ends of hair.

Also bought cosmetics include in the arsenal of the care and home recipes are not difficult to prepare, but very effective, for example, rinse hair decoction of nettle or mineral water.This will strengthen the hair and give them volume.

Broth to strengthen hair.4 stolovyk spoon nettle pour a liter of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then strain.The resulting broth rinse your hair.

mask volume.Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and egg yolk.The resulting mixture is warm up on a water bath until smooth.Remove from heat, add 2 tablespoons of burdock oil and apply the warm mixture on your hair for about an hour, wrapped head with a towel.Then rinse shampoo.

Thin hair dryer would be better not to style at all, but, realizing that it is almost impossible, let us at least do it right.Do not dry the hair dryer hair wet, let them dry out a bit naturally.Pre apply on hair Heat protective agent and oil for the tips.Then give your hair "right" direction: vertical lift lock by lock and direct the jet dryer against the hair growth.Clock set to "warm air" mode.Use styling narrow nozzle on the dryer - they deliver accurate air to the roots and lift hairs.

basic rule laying - ease.Therefore, use only those means that do not aggravate the hair: mousse, spray.Cream, wax, gel, paste contraindicated as strong fixation means.They make laying in reinforced concrete structure, which is absolutely unacceptable.In fashion dynamism and lightness, and this is especially true for thin hair.Styling products apply only to the hair roots.

For fine hair important to choose a hairstyle.In this regard, the barbers are unanimous: the optimal length for owners of fine hair - from earlobes to the chin or just below.Too short hair cut will demonstrate that color available "three hairs" too long "sag" under its own weight.

thin hair "to face" haircuts "Bob", "page", a square, a hairstyle with blunt ends.Calibration can only be used as an element, such as a square with graduated neck.And, finally, heavy artillery - perm.It makes the hair more luxuriant, but unfortunately, despite modern technology, it is not without ammonia, which affects the structure of hair, and not for the better.For fine hair, use products which are marked: they have several layers of protection from desiccation and a large amount of softener.

alternative chemical wave - carving, or long-term installation.You get curls that will hold 6 to 8 weeks.This carving made without the use of chemicals.

Za elation hair from the roots of the hair meets the muscle (located under the scalp in the hair root), which have thin hair is poorly developed.Please enable it to work from the inside: take special vitamin and mineral supplements for hair.

you think staining hurting already weak fine hair?You're wrong, it will only benefit them.First, thin hair will fade in the sun and refreshing color is essential.Secondly, using the color of the game you can create the illusion of lush hair, thirdly, paint, penetrating into the scales, raises them, and the hair has not lie so close to each other.

thin hair suit highlights and shading, since the simultaneous use of multiple colors creates a feeling of extra volume.Visually increases the volume and deliberate darkening of hair at the roots.

Hair uniform saturated color look "heavier" (Council for the dark-haired).It is not like fine hair appliances "veil" when stained than individual strands of hair and layers.