Recipes therapeutic agents for rough skin elbows and knees

Traditional recipes of medicines to prevent formation of corns, cracked heels and rough skin to soften heels and elbows.

compress fat (tightens sores and cracks, softens dry skin)

in equal proportions of fish oil, castor oil, lard peretoplennoe.

Mix fats, grease the mixture elbows or knees, wrap a bandage and leave overnight.

compress moisturizing and softening (with peeling elbows, knees)

Vegetable oil (sunflower, linseed, olive).

Net rub elbows with any of the offered oils from above - a bandage and leave the mask on the night.In the morning, wash with warm water.

Compress with an extract of horse chestnut (for sagging, aging skin elbows and knees)

Ready oily extract of horse chestnut.

gauze soak in the oil extract, gently squeeze, to avoid dripping, apply to skin and leave on for 10 minutes.

poultice of iris

Fresh leaves of iris, water.

Fresh leaves of iris grind and brew with boiling water to a thick slurry.Apply as a poultice to the horny parts of the horses on the elbows an

d knees.

wiping cole (reddened skin whitening)

juice of sauerkraut.

Periodically wipe the reddened skin on the elbows juice of sauerkraut.

Tomato wipe (with keratinized and dry elbows)

Fresh red tomatoes.

grind the skin on the elbows slices tomato slices and attach to the elbows as a compress for 30 minutes.

wiping whitening (bleaching rough skin darkened elbows)

whitening cream, cucumber, fresh lemon.

rub elbows daily with a cream or lemon peel, or a slice of cucumber.Lemon and cucumber can be used 2 times a day.

oil tincture basil (from the cracks on hands and knees, softens rough skin)

100 g of fresh chopped basil, 500 ml of olive oil.

Fresh chopped basil in a container Stir in butter, zakuporte and leave for 7 days in a dark place.Then strain and lubricate the skin after each wash.

mixture of ammonia and glycerol

glycerine and ammonia - in equal parts.

Mix the two components, pour into a jar with a tight lid.Lubricate the skin with a rough place.Continue to lubricate every day to soften the skin.

mixture of alcohol, glycerin and vinegar (for very rough skin elbows and knees)

2 teaspoons of 70% alcohol, 2 teaspoons of glycerin, 1 teaspoon vinegar, cream.

Cook the mixture, pour into a bottle with a tight lid.Apply on the skin rough elbows and knees for 1 hour or overnight in a compress.After 3 days, clean the softened skin with pumice, brush cream.