Herbs against oily seborrhea

To treat oily seborrhea good use of many herbs in the form of decoctions and infusions for shampooing.


herbal infusions (1:10) wash the head in a day.The course of treatment - 15 procedures.It can be repeated after 2-3 weeks.


Infusion of chamomile flowers (1:10) wash the head 2-3 times a week.The course of treatment, 12-15 procedures.If necessary, be repeated after 2-3 weeks.Boil chamomile is impossible, as it lost the most valuable component of plants - hamazulen.For treatment, you can use a proprietary liquid formulation "Romazulan".For shampooing or rubbing, a solution: 0.5 liters of water 1 tablespoon of the drug.

• Chamomile flowers must be purchased only in pharmacies, as there are many types of similar to it.In the Urals region chamomile hardly occurs.Allowed external application of another species of chamomile - bezyazychkovoy (green, fragrant).The methodology and the quantitative ratios of the same.

• Infusions of chamomile have coloring properties, give the ha

ir a bright golden hue.This property is used for coloring gray hair in bright colors.For this daisy pour hot water (1: 3) and soaked in a sealed container for 20 minutes.Then strain and rinse hair after washing.The coloring effect is enhanced if the wet hair with a handkerchief to wrap up at 1:00.


herbal infusions (1:10) wash the head 2-3 times a week.The course of treatment -12-15 procedures.After 2-3 weeks can be repeated.The plant is efficient, but to collect it should be very carefully because of the similarity with the other, not medicinal species of horsetail - forest, meadow, swamp.

Veratrum Lobel

Broth of rhizomes and roots (1:50) wash their hair once in 5-7 days.The course of treatment - 5-6 procedures.When collecting and processing of toxic materials handled with care.Keep out of the reach of children.

Stachys bukvitsvetny

herbal infusions (1:10) wash the head 2-3 times a week.The course of treatment - 12-15 procedures.If necessary, repeated after 2-3 weeks.

Salvia officinalis

From the leaves are preparing the infusion (1:20) and wash their head 2-3 times a week.Course lecheniya- 10-12 procedures.After 3 weeks of treatment can be repeated.Sage leaves should not be stored more than a year, as they lose their properties.