Massage and gymnastics hands ( hand care )

To keep the hands in good condition is required not only for skin care.It recommended daily massage the fingers, as massage and exercises to improve in your hands blood circulation and metabolism, maintain flexibility and mobility of the joints, increase muscle tone. addition massage - is:

• thumb - increases the functional activity of the brain

• the index finger - a positive effect on the condition of the stomach

• medium - improves bowel

• nameless - has a positive effect on the liver

• pinky - improves heart function, relieve mental stress and nervous exhaustion.

most simple techniques massage.

1. Sliding stroking his hand brushes the surface of the ends of the fingers to the body.
2. Circular rubbing the fingers of one hand joints of the other hand.
3. Mutual rubbing fingers, folded crosswise.
4. Kneading palm fists.
5. massaged (by pressure), turn the fingers of both hands from the tip (including pad) finger to his base in the following order: front, back, and then the sides.

Gymnastics for hands.

1. Stretch your arms forward.Rotate the brushes 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise.
2. Keep the hands, palms down, twist your fingers in a circular motion slowly turn the hands, palms upwards, revealing the fingers.Repeat the sequence in reverse order.
3. clenched and unclenched his fist.
4. Put your fingers into the lock and rotate the brushes connected.
5. Rotate the thumb.
6. Clamping end of any finger thumb and forefinger of your other hand, rotate the wrist.

good exercise for the fingers are typing on the computer, playing the piano, sewing, knitting.

mobility of the fingers may be significantly reduced arthritis (inflammatory joint disease).If the condition is not very serious and does not cause severe pain, primary treatment may be a combination of rest and exercise, the above data.Exercise is best done warmed his hands (for example, in warm water).They must be carried out very carefully - never bring it up to stiff joints and become too tense.To strengthen the fingers, try to squeeze his fists, holding them reel of thread.