Methods for cleaning the face.Women's beauty secrets

Now, when the body is "waking up", acutely feeling the lack of nutrients and vitamins, the skin "signals" about their needs and accurately merciless mirror reflects the entire range of internal problems that have accumulated over the cold season.But this is not a reason to be upset, but for more intensive training with their appearance.Thus, the "clean the feathers!" Homemade masks, scrubs, peeling is a fine.But if the skin is in need of serious cleaning, without the help of professionals - whether experts from the offices of medical cosmetology or beauty salon beauticians from - you can not do.

Typically, deep cleansing facial includes a cleansing of four technologies - mechanical, vacuum, manual or ultrasound.While each of these technologies the skin is cleansed from their own excreta - gets rid of fat film, comedones (small black spots on the skin).But the so-called "pure" form, these technologies are rarely used.As a rule, some beauticians outlines a program of action and implement it, based on t

he specific needs of the individual.

Mechanical cleansing (microdermabrasion) it considered one of the most radical way of getting rid of all sorts of pollution.During the procedure, the skin is fed stream tiny silicon particles, which under pressure exfoliate the top layer of skin.Thus, the skin is freed of dead skin cells and other "rubbish".In addition, the skin is cleaned, it is also polished - disappearing small bumps and wrinkles, signs of inflammation.After this treatment, the sebaceous glands are in normal operation, due to which less clogged pores, etc.This cleaning of the face is usually recommended for young girls or owners of a thick and oily skin."The execution" are advised not to carry out immediately prior to the publication, but for a couple of days earlier - on the skin for some time can be a slight reddening.

contraindication for this cosmetic procedure may be the presence of inflammatory acne (you must first remove the inflammation) or a recent chemical peel facial.Not advised to carry out the procedure, and in the critical days: skin sensitivity increases significantly during this time.

During Vakkumnye cleaning from the pores of the skin air jet which directs special device, sucked fat plug (technology resembles vacuuming).The method is very popular, effective, gentle.Indicated for thin skin, sensitive to stress, frosty air, temperature changes, the bright sun.

contraindications for such cleaning may become inflamed or deep-seated blackheads, closely spaced expanded vessels, tumors in the facial area.

Manual cleaning or hand (hand-made) is in mechanical removal (extrusion) sebaceous plugs.Despite the technical progress in cosmetology, not outdated method so far: as a result of such exposure of the sebaceous gland duct completely freed from contents, which are extremely difficult to reach by any other means.Removal of sebaceous plugs held or hands, or so-called spoon Una, a metal device with small holes.To mitigate the effects of the procedure manual is accompanied by aromatherapy, relaxing facial massage, essential preliminary rasparivaniem skin.

contraindications, this procedure has virtually no, is that the presence of inflammation.

With ultrasonic cleaning cleansing carried out by a special device: the emitted ultrasonic waves cause comedones "become loose" time - disclosed and beautician removes impurities.In parallel with the purification takes place moisturizing (it is important that the nutritional or medicinal solution in this situation penetrate the skin much deeper than usual) and micro tissue.However, with this type of cleaning deep cleansing does not happen - the deepest plugs remain in place.Ultrasonic cleaning is good for dehydrated and aging skin, the effect of it is visible for about a week.
Contraindications for such cleaning - acne and inflammation.

salon cleaning should be repeated as needed: for dry and normal skin no more than once a month, for oily and combination - on the recommendation of a cosmetologist.