Just anecdote ( jokes , humor , funny sayings )

* * * New Russian, intending to marry, goes to an architect to design a house for his future family, and says:

- I need a round house.
- As round?
- I said, round the whole round.
- What about the floor, ceiling, furniture and the rest?
- I say clearly, it should be all round!
- But you can at least tell me why?
- Yes, mother-in-law, said, like, you, and for me there is a corner ...

* * *

guy comes to the doctor and says:

- Doctor, something's wrong with me.Nothing at home can not do.Examine me, and say in plain language, that to me ?!

doctor examined and said:

- plain language this is called lazy!The man:
- Now tell me, please, in Latin, so I said to my wife!

* * *

Husband and wife on the beach sunbathing.Suddenly, the husband asks:

- Tell me, dear, the name of the creature, which has thirty-two feet, green eyes, body red and hairy, brown and blue stripes?
- I do not know - angry wife - you know, I do not like mysteries, but still, what is it?
- The fact of the matter is that I d

o not know - is responsible husband - but I still try to throw him off your back!

* * *

- Kate, I want you to meet my father.
- Great!
- he only asked that you brought with her girlfriend.

* * *

woman called the police a statement about the loss of her husband.She asked about the signs, the habits, etc. and say:

- What did he tell you when we'll find it..?
- Tell my mom decided not to come.

* * *

expect at the hospital nurse father makes triplets:

- And you do not mind that so many of them?
- No ...
- Then keep these, and I'll run for the rest!

* * *

- Honey, I think that all in the family have to solve together.
- That's right.
- why come here, and together we will solve our Dimka math problems.

* * *

birthday party Mom gives child a beautiful toy.
- Well, what do you say?- She says.- What do I tell the Pope, when he brings home pay?
- Is that all ?!

* * *

husband returns to his country home from a long trip and was surprised to notice a sign on the door: "Caution angry dog ​​in the yard!"

beckoned to his wife, he asked:

- Honey, your mother to us for a long time?

* * *

At the disco.

- Girl, thank you very much for the dance!
- What a dance!I was just trying to squeeze to the wardrobe.