Sensation!!!Hitler died in ... 1964 in Argentina

April 30, 16 hours and 30 minutes (ie, one hour after the alleged suicide) saw Hitler next to its own aircraft Ju-52.Bestseller "Hitler in Argentina".After research, having interviewed dozens of witnesses by publishing documents, declassified FBI Basti wants to prove - Hitler could escape to South America and live there until old age.How he did it - let the readers judge "AIF".Writer has kindly agreed to give an interview to the largest Russian weekly.The jaw of the Fuhrer not tested for DNA

- SENIOR Basti, in your book you say that the April 30, 1945 Hitler escaped from Berlin by plane.How could he do this if the time airfields were destroyed, and the sky was controlled allies?

- In my book contains previously classified testimony of FBI files, that on April 30, 16 hours and 30 minutes (ie, one hour after the alleged suicide) Hitler saw close to his personal airplane Ju-52.At night, the entire last week of April air transport trustees Fuhrer's landing on the avenue Unter den Linden, which has poles

for street lighting.For example, the Reich Minister Speer left "fyurerbunkere" 20-th, and after three days of calm returned to the plane "Fieseler - Storch".As you can see, the Allied air defense did not prevent him.On April 25, "fyurerbunkere" was carried out by Hitler's secret meeting of evacuation, with the participation of woman pilot Hanna Reitsch, the famous pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel and Hitler's personal pilot - Hans Baur.Secret plan for the safe movement of the Fuhrer of the Third Reich, the besieged capital received the code name "Operation" Serail ".

- and by whom, in your opinion, the evacuation was carried out Hitler?

- Two days later arrived five aircraft, "Storch" (each with seating for ten passengers) in Berlin on 28 April and arrived the same Ju-52, piloted by pilot Bossert - is officially confirmed by Allied intelligence.After a day on the orders of General Adolf Galland in the air above the capital of the Reich were suddenly raised his last strength the German Air Force - the whole squadron of jet fighters Me-262.They covered the plane Hanna Reitsch: she was able to break through the Soviet anti-aircraft fire and fly from Berlin - it was an experimental flight, and the fact of the meeting by any of the historians is not disputed.The next day, already tested Frau Reitsch scenario left Berlin and Adolf Hitler - he was going to Spain, where in the late summer, sailed on a submarine to Argentina.He was accompanied by Eva Braun, Müller and Bormann.

- Okay, but what about the fragments of Hitler's jaw, which are stored in the archives of the FSB in Moscow?Studies of both Soviet and independent experts unanimously confirmed that it belonged it to the Fuhrer.What, then, it turns out - Hitler tore off part of the jaw, but it still run?

- Specialists was only the possibility yoy-twist the charred jaw X-ray images of the era, which was terrible quality, and with the testimony of Hitler's personal dentist - and he could say anything.If you know any examination of DNA has never been: Russia systematically refuses to allow such analysis.Meanwhile, this is the only way to find out the truth, you should compare the DNA samples, which can be obtained from the remains of the sister of Adolf Hitler - Paula, who died in 1960 and buried in the cemetery Bergfridhof.I formally appeal to the Russian authorities to give me the opportunity to explore the jaw to get the final proof that I'm telling the truth.

- You know, people love the "conspiracy theory".So many years have talked about the mysterious disappearance of "Nazi number two" - Martin Bormann, who vanished from Berlin May 1, 1945.A lot of people swore they saw him in South America with their own eyes and could not be mistaken.But in 1972 in Berlin, the skeleton was found during excavation, and double DNA testing showed - the bones Bormann ...

- What is the funniest thing: there are right and those and others.Martin Bormann actually escaped and lived in Argentina and Paraguay, I found plenty of evidence of this, including the documentary - especially photos Bormann made in the fifties.Therefore, it is possible that when Bormann died a natural death, his remains were secretly moved to Berlin, and then played a show with their "discovery."

«Along the coast of Argentina, found subs»

-OPYAT THE SAME: In your book you write that Hitler and Eva Braun with a vast retinue and guards arrived in Argentina on three submarines, which were then flooded for the purpose of secrecy inbay.Indeed, in the place that you have specified, at a depth of approximately 30 meters under water with the help of special equipment teams of divers discovered large objects, sand tunes.But where is the evidence that this is the Nazi submarine?

- I relied on the testimony of witnesses who have seen the arrival of the war three submarines with swastikas in the tiny bay of Caleta de los Loros, located in the Argentine province of Rio Negro.You say, Argentina formally at war with Germany from March 27, 1945 - maybe it's the traces of past sea battles?However, in the archives there is not a single word the Argentine Ministry of Defense of the sinking of any German submarines.Then where did these wrecks lying on the ground?I filed a request that the submarines should be raised to the surface and to scrutinize.The German submarine sailed to Argentina after the war several times - for example, the submarine U-977 arrived to the country August 17, 1945: it is assumed that its commander Heinz Schaeffer was carrying gold and other valuables of the Third Reich.

- You have published a document FBI, calling into serious question the official version of the death of Adolf Hitler.This paper on 13 November 1945 contains a report of the American agent in Argentina, who works as a gardener in the rich German colonists - spouses Eykhornov.Agent reports that the couple, who live in the village of La Falda, in June mansion prepared for the arrival of Hitler, which will take place in the near future.This document real?

- This is a very strange question, because I legitimately got the document after its declassification of the archives FBI file number 65-53615.And this is not the only documentary evidence of Hitler's escape.There are a few reports of secret FBI, CIA and MI5 to live the Führer - but, unfortunately, the United States, Britain and Russia are still not fully declassified all materials related to the topic.For example, there are three verbatim Joseph Stalin conversation recording (one of them - with the US Secretary of State Byrnes) - where the head of the Soviet Union openly says that the Fuehrer escaped.For fifteen years I have spent hundreds of interviews direct witness of Hitler's presence in Argentina.Most of them began to speak only now - many Nazis in Argentina died, they had nothing to fear, although still not all go to the contact.Preserved as an Nazi general Seidlitz, dated 1956, - ​​he says, that he was going to attend the meeting in Argentina Hitler and the Croatian "the Fuhrer" Pavelic.

- You often refer to the testimony of witnesses.But in this case, take the words of other witnesses - who saw Hitler's dead and buried his corpse?

- There is not a single person who would have seen with my own eyes, Hitler saw through a vial of poison and shot himself in the head.History of the Führer's suicide from the beginning to the end invented by people from his inner circle - it was a special plan to knock down all confused.But even at first glance, in the testimony of the witnesses the death of Hitler, there are several contradictions, if you study archival documents.First, it is said - he had been poisoned.Then - no, I shot in the head.After the - sorry, first poisoned and then shot himself.Potassium cyanide causes instant death and convulsions: after this man pulled the trigger the gun?

«Hitler died in 1964 ..." - says the author of the controversial bestseller

writer with his book

writer is sure that Chancellor and his wife fled from Berlin in the day announced his suicide.

features of this 50-year-old writer and documentary from Argentina - not what he puts forward similar versions.Perhaps Abel Basti became the first who has supported the theory of the disappearance of Hitler's real documents and photos from the archives of the security services.In 2004, the writer published his first book, which brought him international success, - "The Nazis in Bariloche."However, it was impossible to guess what "bomb" will blow it in the second part of his narrative - the bestseller "Hitler in Argentina".After research, having interviewed dozens of witnesses by publishing documents, declassified FBI Basti wants to prove - Hitler could escape to South America and live there until old age.How he did it - let the readers judge "AIF".Writer has kindly agreed to give an interview to the largest Russian weekly.