Where to find the most delicious bread in the world

Bread, as we know - the head of everything.It is unlikely that the bread can be tasteless, but there will always be such an instance, whose unique taste qualities make forget about other types of bread.Where to bake the most delicious hlebushek in the world?Skartoy.ru talks about the Dutch, Norwegian, French, Latvian and German bread.

Dutch tiger bread

bread which the Dutch referred to it as "taygerbrod", that is "tiger bread", it got its name because of the unusual-looking brown.Because of watering, which is made from rice flour with yeast, oil, salt and sugar, bread Dutch really looks like a tiger skin.Especially popular this merry bread earned in the United States, where it is called a Dutch hrustyashkoy or tiger or Giraffe bread.

French baguette

sold about half a million daily fresh baguettes alone in the French capital.Who among us has not tried this stunning white bread - soft inside and crunchy on the outside!The French love to have infected a long baguette whole world.Tried-all, but not ev

eryone knows that this bread can not be cut - French baguette can only break arms.

Indian chapati bread

Yet another representative of bakery products, which, like the French baguette, not tolerate knife - Indian chapatis.Delicious chapatis, which resembles pita bread, made from wheat flour and steamed cake to such an extent that it becomes a big, inflated air balloon.Without bread chapatis can not do any Indian meal.

German pumpernickel bread variety

Nobody really knows, what really is a strange word "pumpernickel", which refer to German rye bread.It is believed that in the Middle Ages, the word referred to the devil, however, is whether it is relevant to the bakery - it is not known.Pumpernickel characterized in that it is added in whole grains, but also known for its dark color, for which a special flour added beet syrup.

Latvian rye bread

strolling through the Old Town with an empty stomach - impossible.Few can resist the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked Latvian bread.Although why resist?Especially since the tasting of traditional Latvian rye bread is a must tourist program.Do not deny yourself the pleasure to look at one of the many bakeries in Riga.You will be surprised huge number of varieties of bread produced in Latvia, and its sweet and sour taste to remember.If desired, some bakeries you can sign up for a special master class on baking bread and bake your own brick.

Norwegian bread for school

fact that Norway is called "the school of bread" - this is not bread and sweet rolls with custard.The fact that for a long time a tidy delicious bread, sprinkled with powdered sugar and coconut, caring parents every day, be sure to give your children by sending them to school.Norwegians in all seriousness say that the school bread causes a persistent addictive - once tasted sweet bun Norwegian, it is already impossible to stop.