Rhodes : sunny island .Greece

last three years, constantly happen in Greece, and not get bored.Every time I come to new experiences.Greece is very different, just like our mother Russia.Mainland Greece is one world, the island - very different.Each island has its own unique look.I do not want too much to praise this country, everything in it is, poverty, wealth, unemployment and idleness.

me personally in this country, like most any special combination of nature with pure Greek spirit.It has long been observed, I came home, got off the plane and there is an impression that you are on top of something crushed.It seems everything is familiar and habitual, but heavy, and the sky, nature and people.In Greece, the opposite is true - the sky light, pleasant climate, carefree population.

Upon returning from other countries such a feeling does not arise.Well I traveled, received a charge of vivacity, gain new experiences - and all.Here everything is different, two or three weeks to abide in a state of euphoria, and all problems are solv

ed after the trip easily.And if they are not solved, it is not happening no tragedy.

I want you to introduce another corner of Greece deserves attention - the island of Rhodes.Great place for a family holiday, but also the island associated with many legends and stories.At the time when the island was part of Italy, Italians are actively engaged in archaeological excavations on the islands belonging to the Dodecanese archipelago, and historical values ​​exported to Rhodes.

Island a total area of ​​1398 square meters.km, located 270 nautical miles from the capital of Greece.It is the fourth largest Greek island and its population of 125 thousand. Man.The climate of Rhodes - Mediterranean, with mild winters and with more than 300 sunny days a year.Washed in the west by the Aegean Sea, and from the east - the Mediterranean.It belongs to the prefecture of the Dodecanese.Dodecanese - the name comes from the eponymous archipelago.It consists of 9 islands (Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Astepalea, Symi, Karpathos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kassos).

The ancient Greeks believed that the island has appeared thanks to the sun god Helios, alleged that on their hands ruled him out of the depths of the sea.Since then Helios is the revered god in Rhodes.With this myth connected with the emergence of the island statue Colossus of Rhodes.

history of the statue is very interesting.The next invaders after a siege of the capital city of the same name, sold under the walls of the city abandoned the siege weapons and decided to create a statue of the patron god of the island of Helios.Twelve years of sculptures Hares worked on the statue.As a result of long work appeared a statue of 36 meters high depicting a tall and slender young man-god with radiant crown on his head.He was standing on a white marble pedestal, leaning back slightly, and peered intently into the distance.

statue of the god stood right at the entrance to the harbor of Rhodes and was visible from nearby islands.The statue was made of clay, in its basis was a metal frame, and on top of it was covered with bronze sheets.On the creation of it has been spent 13 tons of bronze and 8 tons of iron.The monument existed 56 years and as a result of the earthquake was destroyed.The wreckage of the Colossus have lain on the ground for over a thousand years until it was sold to the Arabs, seized in 977 Rhodes, a merchant who loaded their 900 camels.


Rhodes is rich in beaches of various kinds.Ixia and Yalisoss - luxury beach resembles the beaches of Miami Beach, which can be seen from the mountains of Turkey and the Turkish resort of Marmaris.Lindos - a quiet family beach.Frilaki - famous nightlife.Kallithea - for a family holiday.Wild beaches and secluded coves allow to enjoy nature and privacy.

Possible excursions

- Valley of the Butterflies.Visit Reserve Petaloudes, which flock to the territory of the summer, thousands of butterflies medvedok.

- sightseeing tour Lidosu.You will get acquainted with the beautiful and legendary city, which is located 55 kilometers south of Rhodes, with the majestic acropolis on the top of a steep cliff, the ruins of the Temple of Athena Lindos, whose history goes back 3,500 years.Under the Acropolis is compact town with narrow streets, mosaic pathways, colorfully combines the Byzantine, Arabic, medieval and certainly Hellenistic styles.The rise of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos made on foot or on donkeys, which can be rented.As part of the tour you will also find yourself in a unique national park "Seven Springs".

- day cruise to the island of Symi.The small picturesque island of Symi famous fish cuisine, natural sponges and spices.You will enjoy the mountains and small valleys, wonderful tiny coves, visit the Monastery of the Archangel Michael with its Byzantine frescos.Next your way through the sea will continue to the picturesque village Yaalo, with its bustling, fantastic tavernas, numerous shops and stores, where you can stroll through the narrow streets, have a cup of coffee, swim and sunbathe on the shores of wonderful crystal-clear sea in the nearest creek.

- Journey to Kos and Crete.On Kos and Crete go to sea ferries, travel time is 3-4 hours, so it can be a morning flight to go there and back in the evening.

- Waterpark pleasure for both children and adults.Built in 2001, it is divided into 3 sectors.In the first sector of a large number of water slides, the second - a huge swimming pool with artificial waves and, finally, the third sector has been given to children.Here and water mazes, and pools and water games.In the water park a lot of bars and cafes, a large shopping center.

- Trip to Turkey (Marmaris).This requires a dual visa.In Turkey, ferries, travel time 45 minutes.

Brief History

'61 - distribution of the Apostle Paul Orthodox

395 - Rhodes became part of the Byzantine Empire

672 g - captured Muslims

1309 - occupied by the Crusaders (Order of Malta)

1444 - repulsed the attack

1480, the Egyptians - repulsed the attack of Mehmed II

1522 - was captured by troops Suleyman the Magnificent and became part of the Ottoman Empire

1912 - during the Italo-Turkish war, Rhodes went on toItaly

1948 - became a part of Greece

material was prepared in cooperation with the travel agency "PANTHEON-tRAVEL".