Frasassi Caves .Italy

limestone caves in the mountains of central Italy are one of the most beautiful models in the world of stalactites and stalagmites.In 1971, a startling discovery was made by a group of cavers from Ancona, who investigated the limestone mountains of the Apennines.An extensive system of caves in Frasassi Gorge has always been popular with cavers and tourists, but this group of lucky people came across the magnificent caves of Frasassi - Great Cave of the Winds, Italian La Grotta Grande del Vento.This is not just a single cave, and the whole system, connecting tunnels and passages, stretching almost 13 km.It consists of several huge caves, each of which could be freely fit the cathedral, and many smaller ones.All these caves are beautiful, each in its own way.One of the most impressive - Hall of candles, or Sala Delle Candeline, from which a set of hanging stalactites thousands cream.Another gem is the Caves Frasassi Infinity Hall or Sala dell'Infinito, where stalactites and stalagmites grow so long that m

any of them are met, forming majestic columns.Whimsical form of columns reminiscent of elegant carved detail of gothic architecture, creates an exciting feeling that these columns support the arch.

In general, the whole cave system replete with the beauty of the Frasassi.Passing from one cave to another, one is struck by the incredible diversity of geological formations represented here: from fragile fringe of the mineral deposits, so thin that light passes through it, to the large thick pillars, like a huge dragon's teeth.In many caves dripping contained no calcium carbonate and other mineral salts, which gave some formations of dazzling colors - from soft bluish-green to delicate pale pink.

very special, a little creepy, impression Grotta delle Nottole, or cave of bats, where thousands of these tiny nocturnal mammal hang upside down from the vaults or silently rush back and forth.At dusk, when thousands of bats leave their daytime hiding place, going hunting in the darkness of the night for flies and other insects, at the entrance to this cave begins a feverish movement, accompanied by the noise of countless wings of these strange creatures.Do bats poorly developed vision, and they find their prey using a sophisticated echolocation system is still not fully studied by scientists.

Frasassi Caves are located in the primary karst terrain, where the thickness of the limestone by the action of erosion caused by the river and its tributary Eysines Zentito, formed canyons cut deep into the foothills of the Apennines.The water of the two rivers has created some of the caves Frasassi system, constantly breaking through and washing out tunnels and caves where met a more soft rock.