Jordan : From extreme sports to relaxation

«Hello, I - King of Jordan, and I will show you my country" - with these words about Abdullah II begins a documentary about the Jordan, which show probably all come to this country, probably - for the "seed of appetite."Further, His Majesty personally inspects all attractions personally manages the camel passing by Peter descends diving to the scuttled ships in Aqaba, checks are properly sunset in the desert of Wadi Rum ...

Affairs of the king were many - Jordan is uniquethat it is possible to get a whole range of tourist pleasures: for lovers of antiquity - a walk through the ancient city of Petra and Jerash, for active tourists - ballooning, scuba diving, hiking on mountain rivers, beach recreation and health - relax in hot springs in the mountainssea ​​- Red or Dead.The last relax completely: not only do not have to swim - bobbing like a cork, so also, as we have explained, the air high content of bromine, which gives any urban neurotic Buddhist serenity.

first few days of our trip were very b

usy: Amman, Jerash, Petra - the city that deserve to spend more than one day.Then moments began to appear in our itinerary when you stop, you catch the picture - and freezes.Then, after a holiday in these moments when you wish you can call in the brain at any time - and a smile on her face appears.

first such moment - sunset in the desert of Wadi Rum.In fact, the sunsets in the mountains - not always spectacular, the sun lost among the peaks and makes the sky bright paints.But Martian reliefs Wadi Rum create stunning scenery to the setting sun.Compete with them can only starry night sky in the desert - you'll see it if you stay for the night.

second snapshot occurred on the Red Sea where the hotel «Kempinski» opened the balcony view of the sea and the mountains, which at sunset changed its color from red to dark blue.By the way, all the numbers «Kempinski» in Aqaba have see view, so that blunders with it will not.

Another moment of truth was in the mountains - in the spa hotel «Evason Ma'In» at the hot springs.The road leads to the serpentine, the elevation has an effect.I would just seasick, if the brain is not constantly distracted by views that open with each turn: turning rocks in different sides, then black, then yellow, then, as if lifted her skirt, showing colorful rocks.

But the main attraction here - the hot mineral springs, a total of 65 outs in a bathrobe from the hotel, a few hops to overcome a mountain stream - it is small, but hot!- And substitute back under heavy jet.Not only is the voltage from the back out, but all the negative emotions ...

Then just sit there for a long time looking at the falling water ... Then you catch yourself on what is in your head - not a single thought.However, inside the hotel, decorated with the most environmentally friendly (even the elevator cabin is upholstered wood!), You can not concentrate on anything serious.In general, in such a blissful state we arrived at the Dead Sea.Well, there already and bromine done his job ...

It is worth noting that the choice of the protagonist thereof promotional film about Jordan - is not accidental: the 47-year-old King Abdullah - super-popular person in the country.He became king after the death of his father Hussein, previously received military training.Abdullah married - and, out of love for this Arab beauty Rania.Interestingly, his father Hussein married only for love - he had four marriages, but several wives at the same time he did not have.

the way, still a rarity in the Arab world - information about the royal family in the public domain: Abdullah portraits of his wife and children, as well as King Hussein to 11 children can be found in a small shop, and at an expensive restaurant, and behind the windshield of the driver-dalnoboyschika.What is impossible to imagine, for example, in the United Arab Emirates.Overall, Jordan looks quite democratic Arab country - many do not wear traditional clothes, women in hijabs are not common.

Although, of course, the Russian tourists still better to avoid revealing clothes.And not only so as not to irritate the local population - but also because of climatic conditions.In dry hot weather is better to wear long-sleeved clothing made from natural fabrics - or, for example, a trip on Petre not stand.

I must say that this wonder of the world as simply "not given to" the curious - to be honest, we must be prepared for several hours of walking over rough terrain in the hot sun.Many of you know Peter in the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" - that is where the heroes have found the Holy Grail chalice.Or rather in the main building - Al Khazneh - the majestic façade, which emerges from the red mountain.

Peter - is the capital of the ancient Nabataean state, which appeared at least 2500 years ago.In fact, the city carved in the rocks.Until now, he studied by scientists around 20 percent, and the rest - continuous questions.Chief among them: where were then the people and where did they go.There are different versions, but somehow whatever state they organized rich: the city is built on the highest technical level - the ancient builders were able to hollow out a cave in the sandy cliffs, so that they do not fall asleep and not washed out and functioned thoughtful water.

On one wall there is a commemorative plaque in the Greek language, from which it follows that there lived a citizen of Alexander Sabinus, organizes the quadrennial Olympic Games.Interestingly, the scientists were able to create a portrait of a typical Nabataeans, the so-called "falling face": his eyebrows, corners of the eyes are lowered, the mouth "crying baby".However, this description is not very suitable for the modern inhabitants of Petra - although the exterior they are very catchy.

When the main street led us to Al Khazneh, we went to drink coffee brand with cardamom in a small shop.This is one of the most rave places - tourists make a halt and, stretching out his legs, admire the splendor of the facade with columns.Local guys revolve around them, offering their services - souvenirs, camel rides, etc.

interesting that they all replicate type Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean":. Jet black hair casually tied the bandage, the eyes, penciledantimony and some mannerisms.Women there are also very beautiful - one of the local by the name of Sarah, sold beads and chatted to us in good English.It is noteworthy that all trade in Petra is the monopoly of local residents (or rather - the two families that are considered descendants of the ancient Nabataeans).All income goes to them, and no taxes to the state treasury, they are not deducted - and after the flow has to 2000-3000 visitors a day ...

way of tourists.Perhaps due to the fact that the country has not spoiled, but to be a tourist in Jordan nice.No missing hands, calling "Natasha", you can easily walk to shops and the shops, without fear that the seller torment you with their desire to sell something.On the contrary - will all consider, subtly looming on the sidelines.

In one of the shops I liked Petra earrings - silver, in some modern oriental style.However, it turned out that the presence of only one - the second somewhere lost.Break all around - no."Well, then, not my thing" - I decided.Here the shop went to one of the guys a la Jack Sparrow, and I'm already leaving, asked - perhaps you will find a second earring .. He almost without looking, reached into a pile of silver jewelry - and pulled it up.Now I wear them and I think that should definitely visit again Peter - because there was still the same necklace ...