Building 63 - the dream of a tourist.Seoul .Korea

Building 63 (Yuksam Building) - landmark of Seoul, which is not to be missed.Magnificent and proud building that attracts attention, stands on the banks of the Han River in the South Korean capital.The height of 249 meters enables the skyscraper to occupy the third place among the tallest buildings in South Korea.His name is obliged to building 63 floors, only 60 of which are raised above ground level.

architects and builders a unique building is interesting for its unusual appearance and design, and tourists primarily draws its contents - a great viewing platform, numerous museums, the huge shopping center, restaurants and even an aquarium.63 Building, completed in 1985, has become a must visit point for all guests of the Korean capital, who wants to evaluate the magnificent panorama of the city with a bird's-eye view.

Skyscraper long been a travel real tourist attraction and a place of attraction for the citizens, offering them but good shopping many opportunities for leisure activities.

That there is only a multiplex cinema "63IMAX" the largest in Asia, a 25-meter screen, cutting-edge surround sound system, and a program of simultaneous translation into four foreign languages.

Gourmets and just waiting for hungry visitors restaurants and bars with local and international cuisine to suit every taste and budget.

Oceanarium "Sea World 63" - area for nature lovers, where you can not only get acquainted with more than 400 species of marine and freshwater animals, but also to visit several geographic areas - from the poles to the tropical jungle.

"Wax Museum 63" is striking even those tourists who visited the museum Madame Tussauds progenitor of the genre.Made with the latest technology of historical figures, fictional and very well-known throughout the world of modern characters, leave a lasting impression.

At more than 200 meters height is a museum, "Art Heaven 63" - the highest in the literal sense of the word art exhibition.Located on the 60th floor of the museum, in fact, it is a full-fledged cultural center.It contains in its halls of the permanent collection, organizes exhibitions, performances, and other performances, which differ in one very special ingredient - a magnificent view of the Han River.

But without a doubt, the most favorite tourist destination in the Building 63rd observation platform, called "Gold Tower 63".It is, of course, on the top floor and in the good weather allows us to consider the panorama at a distance of 50 kilometers.The most expensive ticket for adults "Golden Tower" is 5,000 won.

To get to the highest point, skyscraper offers visitors to take advantage of one of the many panoramic elevators with glass walls, a trip that is already becoming a real adventure.

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