Doll killer

What can be wrong with dolls?Never mind!Ruddy face, silk curls, frills, crawfish, wide-open eyes.Then why doll heroines so often mystical tales, thrillers and horror movies?According to legend, who wander from one nation to another, there are six dolls in the world, which is ascribed "glory" mystical assassins.One of them recently seen in Rossii.Pervy signal was from the western border.There covered drug couriers.During the seizure of baggage original doll is clearly not of this century has seen, badly battered, smelling quite strange.The experts agreed that it is also hidden containers with drugs.But the "autopsy" revealed that inside the doll - some stuff in the form of hair, dirty, smelly, calloused rags.

specialist, reveals the doll badly injured.Around him began vanity.And under the guise of the doll disappeared.About a month later she appeared in Moscow.She was seen by several people.Two - in an antique shop, the other - different people, in different circumstances.

«She was lying in front of me

, wrapped in a white towel with embroidery burial - says, for example, Victoria Averbukh, who swears she saw the doll with your own eyes.- Bundle smelled cloying mixture of naphthalene, old musty perfume, pepper and something else strange smell that is still hovering in my room.From under the towels looked out two tiny legs in frayed silk shoes.When it launched, it flashed angrily at me with narrowed eyes and never averted his gaze for a moment ...

It was very scary.I asked the collector, who just had a visit, go to the next exhibit.But the dolls look followed me relentlessly.I was felt it even then, when I came home.He came to me and smell this strange doll.To remove the obsession, I prayed. "

In horror movies that retell each other the inhabitants of different countries, killer dolls called equally - a curse or damn.They tend to be hair, very similar to human, among which there are also gray.Or the general tone of the hair - platinum.Those - like suddenly grown old babies.And something necessarily made of wax - a pen, or legs.

Doll, appeared in Moscow, has all these features.whether it is the same?There is only suspicion.And while those who touched the doll, nothing catastrophic happens.But do we know everything?And who knows how things go?After all, this doll long life.It is suspected of three murders and numerous accidents.

There are reliable data that in 1922 the American master Charles Uinkoks produced some doll.Produce not just so, and by request of parents little Rosie McKean.The girl suffered from anemia, often ill.She wanted to help, because about the master, a member of the occult Order of the "Golden Dawn", there were persistent rumors that he "sculpts" her dolls to dead children.And the spirits dwell in these terrible toy, treat, and those who are seriously ill, prolong life.

But, having received a gift, Rosie lived only a few days.One morning she was found dead.Already frozen handle child pressed the doll to her chest with such force that they could not let go.The girl was put in a coffin together with a toy.

After a while Rosie's parents have accused the master of poisoning her daughter through this very doll.Police unearthed the tomb, intending to make an examination and look for the poison.But the doll in the hands of the dead girl was not there.Missing and master.Forever.

A doll found in exactly 12 years.Mary, Rosie's mother saw her in a junk shop.I bought, brought home and laid on the bed his daughter, who was so out of place in the nursery.A few days later still quite young and quite a healthy man - the father of Rosie - enough stroke, and he died.

Then Mary went crazy and jumped out the window.Along with the doll.Before his death, and will not be released from the hands of the doll, the woman managed to whisper a few times: "Ba ... ba ... th ...".People thought it was the name of the doll.Strange name, but, as it turned out, remarkable.In the ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead" it states that Ba - this is the spirit of death, separated from the body and able to instill in the surrounding objects, most often in the figurines and dolls.And the word "buy" means - is revealed.

Years doll was in the Museum of the American town of Key West (Florida), where the number of employees in chronic nevezunchi¬kah: they came under machine, then receive electric shocks ... Then the doll was gone.And now there again.

American magazine "Anthony Price", specializing in abnormal subjects, bought the damn doll Satanists group in New York and gave the museum a certain horror, magic and superstition.The owner of the museum said that he had not even put up a doll in the main exhibition.It happened a short circuit and a fire.Burned all!

But you?Porcelain "Miss horror" seen on the train in the western Russian border (as mentioned above).It is possible that it was her and showed Victoria Moscow collector."The fact that it is unusual - that's for sure, - says Victoria.- I've never seen such a doll with angry expression on his face.Her glassy eyes planted very deep and sprinkled with something similar to the earth. "

Victoria noticed and other details.The left stick puppet has darkened from time cardboard tag on which one can read the name of the American Museum, your name wiped strongly.However, the initial letters of the name and surname - Ch ... and W ... (H and V) - to read.They may indicate the authorship of Charles Uinkoksa.

By the way, the collector says, that "had the expertise" doll and found inside the occult subjects - human hair and cloth with traces of blood.

Julius Lytvyn, the famous parapsychologist never seen bloody dolls, similar to the "character" of our history, but a lot of them heard."Dolls are often used in black magic - Julius says.- But they are usually made in the form of a more primitive and wax.The rite is called involtatsiey and doll - Volt.Doll for the magician becomes, as it were, the image of the person to whom he intended to harm or cause his "illness to death."If the hide doll hair or something else that belongs to the victim, the magical effect is enhanced.But at the same result can be achieved only very powerful mages »...

According to Julia, the current works only once and only for a specific person.So damn dolls have some other force.Perhaps they are "absorbed" black people's energy, accidentally died alongside them, or to do evil with them, and then began to "give" the destructive energy.But not everyone, but only a weak and nervous people with a distorted biofield.

«I would advise parents never give their children and other people's old toys - Julius Litvin said - especially dolls, so similar to humans.Little stranger can be a monstrous monster.You do not know in whose hands she has visited.And who does what "charge" it. "

Yulia Vishnevskaya, a recognized expert on antique dolls, told me that there is a doll Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II.Legend has it that when the royal family were shot, girl cuddle doll.Her someone kept.And now the day of the shooting on the doll appear the bloodstains.This is repeated from year to year.Maybe it's too mystical legend?Or something else, inaccessible to the human mind?

way or another, but the strange doll move through the world.Be careful!Perhaps you glance porcelain stranger.