Barcelona: the wonders of architecture in the heart of Catalonia

Anyone who has seen Barcelona do not forget it ever.Her exquisite charm will leave an indelible impression on all his life.A great place for tourism.The mixture of old and advanced architectural solutions.After this tour, returning to Moscow, I could not help thinking: "And what we are worse than what?"Why we do not preserve the historical image of the city, because in Moscow almost nothing left except the Kremlin?All the rest - a remake.

To go and see one of the most beautiful cities in the world you need, even in our difficult times.On the tour it is best to go in September - October: not so hot and the prices are lower.More cheap will not work: Spain does not belong to the category of cheap countries.Although this year the prices may fall, the decline in tourist flow, according to the EU statistical department, was only 20% in Spain.What to see?There are a number of famous places in the city that must be seen, no matter how you do it - alone or in a group.

Barcelona - the second largest city in Spa

in, capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia and of the homonymous province.One of the largest ports on the Mediterranean Sea, 120 km from the French border.The largest tourist center in the European routes.

What is worth seeing:

Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

area in which peacefully "coexist" the remains of the city of the Roman Empire and medieval buildings.The place that was for five centuries the seat of the Catalan kings.Quarter begins with the Plaza Nova, - it is the most ancient area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the Gothic Quarter Historical center - King's Square.From this place associated with many events in the life of Spain.

Park Guell

named by the name of the customer's project Eusebio Guell.A masterpiece of art by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi.Earlier this place was a wasteland.Now this place is popular with tourists from around the world.Mosaic and sculptures, parks and ornamental alley.The fountains and caves.One of the favorite places of lovers.The plans of the customer was to create a model of the garden village.Unfortunately, all the plans were not destined to come true: only managed to build the park, which has become a decoration throughout Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

building, which is under construction for 120 years.The project is interesting not only architectural design, but also the fact that it is built only on private donations, without government assistance.Founded in 1882, the grand Sagrada Familia - the Spanish Sagrada Familia.The building is designed by the greatest architects of the XX century.Antonio Gaudi.When completed work on it, no one knows.The building is built on a clear architectural plan Gaudi, one iota without departing from the original plan.

Las Ramblas

Ramblas - the Catalans for the same street, both for Russian Moscow Old Arbat.The main pedestrian street of the city, where life is in full swing, day and night.It consists of five two boulevards and squares.Lots of souvenir shops for tourists, artists and photographers, fortunetellers and actors.Everything is there: the "stare" and try.


In the area of ​​Port Vell, in one of the busiest areas of Barcelona near the Columbus Monument is one of the largest aquariums in Europe.About 8 thousand copies of 300 species of marine fish from all the seas of the world - shark, octopus, stingrays, moray eels live in their natural habitat.

Spanish Village

Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) - an architectural open-air museum.City of Craftsmen and artisans, nightlife, shopping stores, bars and restaurants, exhibitions and concerts.This place, which collects copies of the most beautiful and famous buildings of Spanish architecture.Copies are made in the actual size or scaled down.When you visit you in just a couple of hours, without leaving Barcelona will visit almost all corners of Spain.

Singing fountains

Fountain is near the Royal Palace.Each view consists of two acts of 20 minutes.This is a huge fountain, which consists of many small ones.To the music of Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, he begins to overflow several thousand colors, constantly changing its shape.The fountain seems to dance.For the full form of the act of the fountain was never repeated.Every year the musical part is updated.

Casa Mila, Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

last completed work of Gaudi - Casa Mila, known as La Pedrera (stone cave).Gaudi was commissioned to house restructuring.When ordered it, and the owner of the house (Mila) saw that Gaudí made her house, she demanded to cancel the contract and return her money back.What Gaudi said: "When I die, this house will be the most famous house in the world."And so it happened.