Mysterious Cambodia

Cambodia - a country with ancient traditions and a long history.Its previous name - Kampuchea.The traditional name of the state has returned after the overthrow of the regime Polpota.In Soviet times, it was very popular not censorship saying "... as the torment Polpot Kampuchea".

Board Khmer Rouge destroyed the rich country and opolovinilo population.Now, there is a gradual revival, and Cambodia became available again for tourists.

When planning your trip you should remember that the tourist industry has only recently began to recover, so you need to take the tour to major cities, is a tourist center.

There are hotels from two to five stars, but in the two three-star hotels can be a room without windows or with windows to the hallway, so it's best not to risk it.In the provincial towns of the hotel only for two or three stars.

general of Cambodia is very cheap country.Prices for accommodation, meals and excursions are much lower than in neighboring Vietnam.True, and service is not at the highest

level.Rouge are very similar to children: smiling, welcoming and unobtrusive, but very poor.The tourists - always a source of income for the local population.

direct flights from Russia to Cambodia not.It is necessary to fly to Vietnam to Saigon and then on water transport to get to your destination - it's cheap, but for a long time.A faster way - just half an hour to fly to Phnom Penh.Prices in Cambodia for all services immediately cost in dollars, not in local Dong.

impressionable people is better to go to the civilized markets, such as the Olympic.Central (near the bus station) and Russian market (who and what he called the Russian, no one remembers) known antiques, silverware, fabrics, but it is very dirty and full of beggars and cripples.On other markets in general it is better not to go: there's just very dirty, and the smell is not all survive.Locals say that it was there that the lowest prices on silk and silver.Do you need such an exotic?


Climate sub-equatorial with dry winter (November-April) and the wet summer (May - October) periods.The hottest month - April (35-40 degrees).Cool Month - December (20-25 degrees).


Khmer cuisine is very interesting and unusual.Dish of the cobra is commonly served in Chinese "snake restaurant."Serpent is cut right in front of you.Tourists with weak nerves, better not to watch.Blood and snake bile is poured into a glass, diluted with vodka and presented to you.This dessert.Then you put on the table a tureen of broth from snake with vegetables and seasoning.Tureen hoisting on a spirit lamp, which comes broth.Bouillon unusually fragrant, tasty snake, like a bit of a chicken, only with very tender meat.Incidentally, after the snake's blood feel an extraordinary burst of energy.

other exotic dishes - a variety of dishes from the turtle or snake-headed fish.There are dishes from beetles, grasshoppers, worms, small birds.Fried, crispy, cooked and steamed.Cambodian cuisine is not very different from Thai: lots of rice, fish, pasta, soups.Main dish - soup kiteou where to put all that stuff: egg noodles, any meat, fish or greens.The fish is prepared in various ways: fried, soar, bake.Almost always in your chosen dish is mint or coriander.Food at Rouge sharp and spicy, but not to the same extent as the Indians and Thais.With juices-fresh problem.The local drink - a mix of green vegetables, milk and ice.Who does not like to experiment, to find a traditional and European cuisine.No wonder Cambodia was a French colony for many years.


basic domestic transport Cambodia is a rickshaw - the common people in a tuk-tuk.This is usually a four-wagon motorcycle traction.Price from $ 1-2 for the day, $ 12.04 with a guided tour.If you want to stay in a hotel, you can drop off and free.

course there are taxis, but more comfortable in a rickshaw - and the city is small: you can drive around for 40 minutes.without traffic jams.Water transport cheap and convenient.Rumors and missiles, and a variety of small boats, but the ticket does not mean the right to place, so if you are late and do not have time to take a seat, you have to be located on the roof or in the aisle.

motorbike rental per day is $ 4.It is convenient to go to swim in the Gulf of Thailand on wild beaches.By the way, the endless beaches, the excellent white sand, clear water.If you go to the equipped beaches, and there in the bars prepare delicious prawns.

What to see

Hill Sun Rise - for $ 15 you can climb on the elephants, but it is better on foot.The road easy and pleasant.All wrapped in the smell of jasmine.We must stay and enjoy the sunset.

ascent in a balloon - $ 15, panoramic views from the top, incredible beauty.

Silver Pagoda - the floor of this pagoda is paved with 5000 silver bricks.Go there only barefoot.Each brick weighs one kilogram.The pagoda is Emerald (or Emerald) Buddha, made of Baccarat crystal, and the Golden Buddha, a statue which took 90 kg of gold and thousands of diamonds.

Mount Wat Phnom pagoda and monastery with a statue and Madame Penh.Good for walks.

National Museum in Phnom Penh - a beautiful building, it presents archaeological finds, ancient sculptures, maps, home of the ancient Khmer.

Royal Palace - the residence of the current king and his family.

The city Siem Reap Angkor Bat - a magnificent temple, which is considered a symbol of the Khmer nation, and all the temple complexes of Angkor - Temple PIOMH Bakheng, Anghor Thom, the Bayon temple, the temple of Ta Prohm.