In the Swabian side Stuttgart .Germany

half a million state capital of Baden-Württemberg is set in a deep valley of the river Neckar, surrounded by wooded hills and vine terraces.The town's name is directly linked with the history of its creation.The town grew around Pferdegestüt (stud farm) founded by Duke Ludolf von Schwaben in the X century.

Originally the city was called Stutengarten, which translates as "mare's garden".About stud reminds coat of arms with the image ready to jump black horse on a gold background.Stuttgart - city of the philosopher Georg Hegel and the poet Friedrich Schiller, as well as the famous pioneers of the automotive industry Gottlieb Daimler, Carl Benz and Ferdinand Porsche.It is a city of big business and big sport, medieval culture and postmodern aesthetics, shopping and artistry.

What to see

One of the most visited museums in Stuttgart - Mercedes factory museum moved to a new building in May this year.The museum has a unique collection of leading its origin from the first motovagona constructed by Karl

Benz in 1886., The legendary race "Blitzen-Benz" 1911., Overclock already at that time to 228km / h, limousines 20-30th designed engineer GottliebDaimler.A Porsche Museum offers to trace the history of the car and the man: genius by designer Ferdinand Porsche for the CD "Astro-Daimler" 1900, Steyr, beetle Folsvagen and pride today - racing cars..The most famous post-modern structure in Europe is considered to be the building of the State Art Gallery (Staatsgalerie), the architect of which - the eminent Sir James Stirling.Here huge collection of European art from the XIV century.and ending with obtaining the recognition of the creations of his contemporaries, as Joseph Beuys.Works by Monet, Renoir, Matisse, Picasso all its periods invariably attract the attention of tourists.No less famous among the artistic elite immediately after opening became elegant glass cube - Kunstmuseum art museum, most of which is underground.

story about the Swabian Stuttgart will be incomplete without a mention of addiction to shopping townspeople, which can be called a kind of hobby.Supermarkets in the city - the cult shtutgarttsy.One of them, Breuninger, is considered the second largest in Europe after London's Harrods, and Konigsstrasse Street - the longest shopping mall in Germany.Shtutgarttsy organically combine a visit to the medieval abbeys and castles with baroque flanirovaniem shopping.One adjacent to the other: knowledge with relaxation and the past with the present.If you want to get a respite from both, you can visit Weinbaumuseum (located in Stuttgart-Uhlbach) - winemaking museum and taste the local wines.A beer lovers to choose from in Swabian Kneipp proposed originally Stuttgart Pilsner Beer Dinkelacker, and Schwaben Braeu, wheat beer Sanwald Weizen, and such exotica as "pogrebkovoe" unfiltered beer from Cluss Heilbronn'a.This town is also known as a wine region of Swabia, delivering red wines Trollinger and white Riesling and Kerner.

Where to eat

1. Truly Swabian cuisine, which is characterized by a love of starchy foods, you will be offered at the on Kleiner Schlossplatz 4 restaurant "Ochs'n Will" (tel: +49 (0) 711/226 51 91), not far from the Königstraße in the heart of the city.Make sure you try there is Maultaschen, which translates as a fall-pocket and resembles our Russian dumplings, only much larger.Or Spätzle - cutting noodles, served every restaurant on their own traditional recipe.By ordering the "historic Swabian soup» Gaisburger Marsch, XIX the German army before the duration of the transition, you will surely take any cultural or shopingovogo campaign.

2. The location in the city center (pedestrian zone Calwer Straße) small brewery Calwer Eck can be a tasty lunch and sit for 1,5l.Pitcher evening glass of beer.Swabian cuisine, beer svezhevarennoe own Calwer-Eck-Bräu, and such a rarity as a seasonal beer: in the hot summer day, there is probably in the range Sommerbier (summer beer).Address: Calwer Straße 31, 70173 Stuttgart, tel: 0711/222 49 44 - 0

Where to live

four star design hotel in postmodern style, situated on the outskirts of Stuttgart, organically fit into the architectural tone of the capital of Baden-Vyuttenberg.Near the hotel Golf Club: Hotel Sperber GmbH Heilbronner Strasse 16 D- 74232 Abstatt Phone: +49 - 7062 - 9780.