Dominican Republic - the heart of the Caribbean

All of us were taught in school that Christopher Columbus in 1492 discovered America.But not everyone knows that before they reach the mainland, Columbus landed on the island, taking him for the mainland.The island was named Hispaniola, and was later renamed in Haiti.Today, most of it takes the Dominican Republic - one of the world's most popular destinations for beach holidays.

Columbus named this island "the most beautiful of all the land is given to see the eye of the human."It was in the Dominican Republic, where the beach season lasts eight months of the year - from December to April and from June to August, was filmed the famous advertising chocolate bar Bounti.Creators roller drew pearly white sand, luxurious palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water.

shooting took place at the famous resort of the Dominican Republic - Punta Cana, located in the eastern part of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.This is a great place for a quiet holiday, and for numerous water spo

rts: windsurfing, diving, water skiing, etc.Tourists are attracted here the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, stretching for thirty kilometers, and a minimum of precipitation.There still remain areas of untouched jungle man.

in Punta Cana is located Manati Park, where you can admire the exotic animals, watch the show sea lions and parrots.This park - the only reserve in the Dominican Republic with dolphins, here you can even swim with them.Of great interest to tourists is the village on the reserve, reconstituted on the model of the Indian bloom Taino tribe that lived on the island in the XV century.

Other famous resorts in the country - a rich entertainment Juan Dolio, has become popular with Hollywood stars in the 30 years of the last century, Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, where the ruins of the Columbus house and the church, where he performed the first American Mass,and La Romana, the famous medieval town of artists in the Italian style.It is in these resorts are the best hotels and tourist resorts of the island, this is where the best white sand and the most turquoise sea.

But wherever you are rested, get to the main attractions of the country is not difficult: in the Dominican Republic are all pretty close.First of all, we should pay attention to the capital of the republic - the city of Santo Domingo.It was founded by the brother of the famous traveler Bartolomeo Columbus four years after the discovery of the island.Santo Domingo - the oldest town in North and South America, founded by Europeans.In the XVI century the city became the capital of the Spanish colonies of the New World, here was the residence of the Spanish king.

city is famous examples of colonial architecture, such as: Ozama Fortress (1507), the tower Torre del Omenahe (1507), the palace of the Casa del Almirante (1514), Alcazar Castle, built in 1514 by the son of Christopher Columbus, the palace Casa de Engombe(1535), the Catholic Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor (1520), and so on. d. Narrow streets, a huge number of cafes and bars, a magnificent promenade, gorgeous parks and, of course, an active nightlife of Santo Domingo attracts thousands each yeartourists.

Another popular city - Santiago, located in the center of the country, in the region of Cibao.B This gopode, considered the cradle of traditional Dominican dance mepenge worth visiting the Cathedral of Santiago (1868-1895) in Duarte Park, folklore myzey Tomaca Mopeya, Santiago Museum in the building of the old Town Hall, the Museum of tobacco on the southern edge of the park Duarte, as well as the famous tobacco factory.Nearby is the town of Moca, which is considered the capital of the country's coffee production.

tourists eager to see the true natural treasures of the Dominican Republic, sent to the north-east coast of the island, rugged coves and abundant coastal islands.The most interesting places here - the peninsula and the Bay of Samana.Of particular note is the National Park Los Gaitises (208 sq. Km) one of the world's largest stalactite caves, Marine Reserve Banco de la Plata, where from mid-January to mid-March, you can watch humpback whales, as well as magnificent waterfalls El-Limon and La Fuente del Amirante.By the way, on the Samana Peninsula were shooting the reality show "Survivor."

Another National Park Dominican Republic, lying on top of Monte de Torres, became a place of shooting several episodes of Spielberg's "Jurassic Park."The park is 8,000 plant species and 800 of them are found only here.Many kinds of several million years.Here you can easily see, for example, a three-meter fern.

If you want to make a sea voyage, you can visit the island of Saona Island in the southeast of the Dominican Republic.He is known for its picturesque houses, coconut groves and almost deserted beaches.The island is to swim out of town Bayyaribe.

One of the centers of active youth recreation in the country - the former fishing village of Cabarete on the north coast of the island.Here are all perfectly organized for lovers of mountain climbing, mountain biking and, of course, all kinds of surfing: the absence of coral barrier and strong winds provide excellent waves all year round.On the coast, a few specialized centers where you can rent all the necessary equipment to receive or windsurfing lessons.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Dominican Republic in February, be sure to visit the city of La Vega.It is held annually magnificent carnival Vegano - holiday costumes, music and cooking.