Things to do in Shanghai shopaholic

China for many travelers synonymous with shopping.Indeed, prices in the country is quite low, they will delight fans wander through the shops and markets.What should bring, if your path lies in Shanghai?


On the market you should go, if only you know and love a bargain, because the first named dealer for any thing the price may scare you - because it will be very high, much higher than in the store.But if you do not give in, it will be able to knock down two or three times!Bargaining is necessary, indicating the numbers on a calculator, hands speak does not work, because the Chinese feel on your fingers is not the way we are.Markets in the city a lot.Depending on what you want to buy, you can visit a "thematic" markets.If you have not decided yet in the preferences, then take a trip to the largest and most famous Xianguang (it is on the street Hauihai Zhong Lu).

Clothing, footwear and other goods

None of visitors to Shanghai, will not pass East Nanjing Road - the largest and most lively

pedestrian street of the city, crowded shops and restaurants.There you will find almost all the brands that are on the territory of China, it should go to shopaholics who do not like to haggle, but want to buy a lot of cheap and quality goods.Find this street is very simple - it is on the same name subway station.A couple of very popular places - multi-storey shopping malls Raffle's City and New World City in the main People's Square in Shanghai area.


China is famous for its very high quality fakes.Wearing or not the so-called replica - a matter of taste and conscience of each.However, if you are still willing to go for it, you know that big market of such goods located in the pedestrian subway station Teshnology Shanghai museum.There's also a good selection of all kinds of souvenirs.Especially popular are the clock (you can find quite elegant and tasteful items made for a ridiculous price), bags (leather and not), mobile phones - they are cheap, but will it work for a long time - as lucky.But remember that in some countries (such as France) is not even for sale, but simply wearing fake things punishable by a large fine.

Branded things

Do not think that one in Shanghai sold consumer goods and counterfeiting.This fashionable city where you can buy clothes, shoes, bags from the best manufacturers, and here you can find products made exclusively for the Asian market, which can not be seen in Europe.For not cheap branded things is to go to Nanjing West.There is and one of the biggest shopping centers in China with expensive boutiques.And if you're not accustomed to count money, you should look at the Plaza 66 - a giant shopping center, where you can buy new items of world fashion.And do not forget that you can ask for a discount at any store in Shanghai.


you're unlikely to be able to come back from China with no tea, but Treat the choice responsibly: grass, sold cheaply around 350-400 yuan (ie 60-70 dollars) per pound, it is unlikely to take over half of the world.Generally teas in China is very much its own in every area, and it is better before buying, decide what it is like you.Throughout the city many tea shops.However, cheaper to buy tea in special markets, which in Shanghai a few.In all these places you will be offered to try different kinds of tea.Good choice on the Shanghai Datong Road Tea Market on Datong Road or Laoximen tea plaza (Laoximen metro station).Should I buy tea in a conventional supermarket, decide for yourself: to enter the cheapest varieties, and there you will not be able to try anything.When you choose the tea, do not forget that pleasing the soul will drink only a good teapot.Perhaps not immediately buy his?


Interested in electronics?Then you direct road to the street XuJiaHui, where a lot of shops with all kinds of appliances.Just do not buy everything in the first place.Shop around, Bargain, and only then make a decision, because at one price and the same products can vary greatly.In Shanghai and the Starlight photographic niche market, where prices are generally even lower than XuJiaHui, but the probability to buy a fake and become a victim of fraud above.There you can look at and to related products: bags, storage media.


The fair sex should pay attention to China's cosmetics, which is not so often to be found in Russia.And the different tools that are sold in our country (for example, facial masks deposited on fabric base, or brand-name drugs Pulanna) in China are much cheaper than in Moscow.When choosing creams, keep in mind that many of them are designed for oriental beauties, wanted to be white-faced, so these funds can have a bleaching effect, and the Europeans, using them will look too pale.


brought from Shanghai and all kinds of silk products.Do you want to bring a friend or fellow female inexpensive but nice gifts, buy scarves of silk - a little where you meet such a variety of colors, both in local stores.Silks much everywhere!Very popular silk blankets - thin summer, dense winter.Their price depends on the weight: the first is easier and cheaper, second, respectively, heavier and more expensive.


Other typical Chinese souvenirs from bells on the red ropes to simple magnets can be bought in Shanghai from any sights, but perhaps the greatest choice of knick-knacks in the market waiting for you at the Yunnan Garden.You can buy jewelry from natural stones on the market and in stores.If thoroughly bargain, they will cost you even cheaper than jewelry.