Montenegro - Montenegro is

Among my acquaintances are many people who heard about this amazing country, but never been there.Let me tell you a little about it to tell.As the name implies, the main attraction here - the mountains.

Mountains consist mostly of limestone rock.As a result, corrosion of the tops of mountain ranges were painted in a dark color.Location - from Albania to Croatia.Virtually the entire country stretches along the Adriatic.The climate is dry, even the proximity of the Adriatic Sea does not increase the humidity, and the calcareous mountains absorb the excess.

vegetation - coniferous forests, olive trees, figs, cypresses.In the evening, when the mountains start to give all the heat accumulated during the day the sun, scents of pine needles mixed with the smell of the sea.By the way, the smell of the Adriatic Sea is very different from the smell of the Black Sea.We sold in pharmacies means "akvamaris", which is very good for the common cold: it is made based on the waters of the Adriatic Sea.And then a n

atural "akvamaris" with the smell of pine needles and mountain herbs - and absolutely free.Due to the fact that the beaches in Montenegro pebble (very fine gravel), water is filtered well and the sea is always clear, rich blue.Palm trees in Montenegro there - and a lot: they are all planted sailors who brought the germs of floats for the decoration of his country.

religion - Orthodoxy, first the Turks and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire tried to implant here a different faith, but nothing happened.Montenegrins for centuries resisted, including those with weapons in their hands, their conquerors.As a result of this small but proud country with a population of 450 thousand people and no one was subjected to another's faith did not accept.These Montenegrins famous great growth: the average height of 185 centimeters in men.

Kitchen - a lot of Italian and Greek dishes.Meat dishes are prepared mostly on the grill.Try cold cuts, this is the set of all meats in one dish, but be warned - portions are huge.Veal and pork on a spit, various types of risotto - all very tasty.The cost of lunch per person - about 15-18, including wine and dessert.Meat and fish on the menu is calculated as the cost of 1 kg, and you already tell us how much you need to grams.At tea give the standard 10%, many Montenegrins understand in Russian.

There are five large cities: Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, and the Duke Ultsyn Novi.The rest of the settlements - which are small fishing villages with tourist hotels and hotels.

two airports - in the town of Tivat and Podgorica, the capital of the Republic of.From Tivat Airport to the most popular holiday destinations 30-40 minutes' drive from Podgorica - 1.5-2 hours.More flights from Moscow to Podgorica, Tivat land charters only once a week on Saturdays.


- in the town of Kotor (value 40, by bus to the town of Kotor, sightseeing, and then by boat on the Bay of Kotor to Perast village, the excursion 6-7 hours)

-a trip to the Orthodox monastery in the town of Cetinje (mountain monastery, which houses the hand of John the Baptist and a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, the tour lasts 6-7 hours and costs 30)

- a trip to Dubrovnik (Croatia, a bus and thenand by ferry, you need to carry a passport, the journey continues all day)

- trip on Skadar lake (the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans, worth 40, bus + boat + swimming from the boat + lunch, you need to take a bathing suit,separately, you can agree to go fishing, caught a large carp, price negotiable)

- rafting on mountain river (12 hours, 75, a simple river rafting + swimming + lunch)

- a trip to the monastery Ostrog (bastion of Orthodoxy in Montenegro, 25)

- a trip to the mountains in kaneny Tara and Moraca (very beautiful, 30-40, 12 hours).

I have you listed the main interesting itineraries, there are many different tours of local importance.

Entertainment: - international discotheque in Budva (held on Saturday in the fortress Budva)

- sea fishing (boat rentals, spinning, 150)

- shopping (in large cities, many jewelry stores and boutiques, local gold workgood jewelers went to Italy, cheap)

- rent a car (50, depending on the vehicle class, the cost of 1 liter of petrol 1.40, mountain road, serpentine, need skills)

- fly or go toBelgrade (need to write out a voucher from a travel agent for a trip to Serbia and passport).

Overall experience was four times, each time finding anything new.You can relax and very cheap and very expensive.You can rent a flat or apartment.Problems with food is not: a lot of cafes.Brandy, plum brandy and wine of local production of very high quality.In Russia, this is not, and for some reason not for sale.Crime no.Minibus is a one-way 1-2.The best time to travel - June, July, September, October.