Bangkok: Venice of the East

Embrace Bangkok fired - on the street plus 30ÂșC."Savatdika!"- Welcome to the capital of Thailand.This city must be studied slowly: a ride through the channels, look at the rituals in the temples to check out the hilarious quarter "red-light" and try the fried cockroaches and grasshoppers!

channels and skyscrapers

When the city in 1782 became the capital of Thailand, the royal imagination of its founder, Rama I, told him a memorable name for his creation: city of angels, the great city, the city - the eternal treasure, the impregnable city of God Indra,the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious stones, etc. Total 21 word -.. is the longest in the world of the city, as recorded in the Guinness Book of records.Today, this list could be added: City of a thousand skyscrapers, as well as the East Venice.

River Chao Phraya and 140 channels are woven into a single water network.The best way to experience the local flavor - hire a long, narrow boat with Thais who will ride you on the "Klong"

- the city's canals - past the houses and huts, temples and floating markets.Some temples are usually fed "sacred fish" - huge whiskered catfish.Local religion forbids eating fish without scales, so the catfish here feel safe.

During a walk through Bangkok Noi Canal sure to make a stop near the Museum of the Royal boats: on major holidays they make beautiful squadron, which is involved in a colorful water parade.

The lotus

Most visitors limit their acquaintance with the city tour in the royal palace, forgetting that in Bangkok there are about 400 churches.Royal palace with a magnificent temple of the Emerald Buddha to Bangkok Thai is the same symbol as for us, the Red Square.The complex is Wat Po is famous for its 45-meter-high gilded statue of the reclining Buddha.On its territory it used to be the first university in the country, where he taught Thai massage and medicine.Monks still cherish this ancient knowledge.In medical school at the church, you can not only take a course of Thai massage, but also to learn complex manipulation.The courtyard of the temple is decorated with statues of "Rus" (guru) in their postures, you can learn to do gymnastics.

shopaholics and gourmets

Bangkok - this is the perfect city for shopping bazaars and malls are open until late.The largest and most popular shopping center of Bangkok - World Trade Center: Here are all the global brands.Prices in Europe, want cheaper - go to the market for high-quality fakes.On the top floor of the center are located excellent oriental cuisine restaurants - Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Malay.Prices, according to local standards, high: account - from $ 20 per person.Local fast food will please fans of a healthy lifestyle: fried chicken, fish baked in salt entirely, shrimp, squid ... All very tasty and not at all expensive.For lovers of extreme gastronomy from street vendors are fried insects.For example, Thai fried cockroaches bite as we seeds.They say delicious.

What must-do in Bangkok:

* Buy a souvenir bouquet of orchids (packed in a box, worth in a vase over a month, the price - $ 7).

* Ride the carousel in Magic Land theme park.

* Go to the show transvestite cabaret "Calypso".