High-rise buildings Azrieli .Tel Aviv

«Skyscrapers, skyscrapers, and I'm a little ..." tower in the center of Tel Aviv, the two towers, one round and the other - triangular.High-rise buildings Azrieli.Miracle of architectural thought seen from afar: their peaks in the morning (round tower height - 187 meters, triangular - 169) gently illuminate the first rays of the rising sun, and in the evening in the windows on the floors of the 49-year-exotic design lit lights.On each floor of the triangular skyscraper window 84, and all of them - 8000. The perimeter of the tower - 141 meters, diameter - 44 meters.Looking to the sky backs construction of 14 round columns.Like the so-called Medical skyscraper, whose construction is financed by the late Israeli billionaire Ted Arison, Azrieli tower has a helicopter landing pad.However, these high-rise buildings have become famous for the fact that the first three floors are occupied in the Middle East's largest shopping mall.I went up the escalator to the second floor, circled the endless ramifications, s

tare at the bright shop windows and marvel at a truly royal scale, which was built by the magnetically attracting Israelis and foreigners complex.

Originally a Canadian investor David Azrieli planned to build back in Tel Aviv, a complex of three towers - circular, triangular and square.Construction of the last has not yet been completed, it is being accelerated pace, but the solemn commissioning of the first two in 1999 gave cause for prolonged nationwide festivities.In the days leading up to the millennium, it was drunk a lot of champagne and uttered a great many heartfelt speeches.This is not surprising: the blue and white "checkered" High-rise buildings can be considered a jewel in the crown of Israeli quite distinctive skyscrapers.

75-year-old David Azrieli was born and raised in Israel, therefore, even flourishing in Canada, overseas, it continues to feed in our country the most tender feelings."A significant part of his adult life I spent away from Israel - Azrieli said in an interview with my colleague - journalist Montreal city newspaper - but not for a day ceased to yearn for Israel.I've always wanted to build something monumental in his homeland - and now my dream has come true.High-rise buildings Azrieli, abutting the sky over Tel Aviv - is a project of my life. "Office of the Azrieli transcontinental company is on the 48th floor of the triangular skyscraper.However, Azrieli shopping center belongs to the fashionable "Ayalon" in Ramat Gan, the largest metropolitan shopping center "Malchus" and similar object of trade and public catering in the capital of the Negev - Beersheba.On the eve of the celebrations of the Millennium on the facade of the elegant skyscraper Azrieli loomed huge national flag of Israel.The mosaic panel was made up of 24,000 white and blue lights.Over the shimmering work of electronic art adorned the inscription. "This - in our hands"It remained only to guess what exactly meant very ambiguous slogan.However, on a quarter-million Israelis cars immediately appeared stickers with the inscription liked them.Each interpreted the "it" in his own way, which is why people rejoiced heartily.

Whatever it was, Azrieli skyscraper quickly became a symbol of the era of globalization and high-tech.A significant part of the triangular office tower occupies the national telephone company, "Bezeq", and the headquarters of several major companies specializing in high technology.In late 2002, the opening of the Azrieli Pavilion, which houses the Institute of Architecture and the Center for Information Technology program.Here is new gallery, which exhibits paintings and models prepared by the architects.And, of course, God ordered that in the ultra-modern skyscrapers settled Institute of Telecommunications.His students learn in a truly paradisiacal conditions: four spacious lecture halls, computer rooms, laboratories, and even - a studio for emerging artists.High-rise buildings

Azrieli magnetically attract representatives of creative professions: here constantly "graze" painters, photographers, sculptors and craftsmen of all kinds.The monumental shopping center, occupying the bottom three floors - 160 stores.About a hundred of them offer customers the clothes, shoes, watches, women's jewelry and cosmetics leading firms.The remaining six dozen trade objects intended for intellectuals: here are selling books, including rare editions.

Azrieli Skyscrapers have a reputation of the most popular in Tel Aviv, "Children's World": in addition to shops selling toys, there are several playgrounds and a café where students can have a good time, celebrate a birthday, a ride on the swings and pokayfovat.Located in the depths of a multidisciplinary center with eight cinema halls and the freshest air-conditioned offers viewers the latest Hollywood masterpieces.If you are hungry, your service 25 exotic restaurants and cafes.Some of them are located on the roof of the third floor and the roof itself is a blooming garden with exquisite glass pyramids, reflecting the "checkered" walls of both towers.If you decide to buy groceries for the house, for a family - take a metal cart and go to the supermarket!The main thing - do not get lost.The area under the supermarket to become the football field.Another advantage - a spacious parking lot.

Still, the main attraction of the Tel Aviv skyline - is an observatory with an observation deck located on the penultimate, 49th floor of the round tower.It operates 6 days a week.A bird's-eye open so dizzying landscape, it is impossible to tear his eyes: I want to watch and look at the sprawling beneath you to Tel Aviv, trying to perpetuate the memory nor the incomparable feeling.Old quarters (two-storey houses with red tiled roofs) alternating with white stone new buildings, here and there, "stick" outlandish skyscrapers go beyond the horizon of the motorway.Life Is Everywhere!Here, in the skies, on the 49th floor, you can dine in a nice restaurant.As they say, a trifle, but nice.