Fairy-tale castles of Bavaria .European countries

Few people know that at the bottom of the Bavarian Lake Starnberg is the mother of Marina Tsvetaeva Mary Ring Main.She threw it into the water, being in the place where the July 13, 1886 was found the body of a drowned (in one version - recessed) Bavarian "fairytale" King Ludwig II."Louis of Bavaria, - he wrote in his" Memoirs "of her second daughter Anastasia - a passionate love of my 16-year-old mother.Passing the place where he drowned, she threw his first ring in the water - got engaged. "In memory of the King here is protruding from the water cross.

Ludwig II, the last romantic era of gentlemen and beautiful ladies, Don Quixote of the XIX century, lost love, and to give all-consuming passion -. Construction of the medieval castle in the Bavarian Alps.They are incredibly beautiful, and so Ludwig II called the "fairy-tale king" and his "fairytale" castles.And he madly loved Wagner's music, and the composer was very helpful.

Total Ludwig was going to build seven locks.Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and H

errenchiemsee - three were erected.They have managed to Ludwig of Bavaria and the kingdom more than 30 million. Marks.

plans were Falkenstein, as well as Gothic, Byzantine and Chinese locks.By the castles of Ludwig II and his sometimes referred Schachen hunting lodge in the mountains near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Castles of Ludwig II are very different.Neuschwanstein - this, although fantastic, but the fortress.The architecture of the elegant Linderhof no hint of brutality, rest in these palaces.Impressive Herrenchiemsee embodies the confidence of power, under the protection of which can be indulge undisturbed.

Swan Castle Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein (New Swan Rock) stands at an altitude of 1008 m to the south of Lake Forggensee, about 30 km from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.Near the lake Alpsee (Alpine) and Schwansee (Swan).That is the Swan Lake, which inspired PITchaikovsky's famous ballet!

This castle - business card Bavaria.Sleek, slim and tall, he's handsome swan.White stone structure with openings patterned windows crowned with elegant round peaked towers with battlements and arched balconies.The architecture of the castle are organically combined the Byzantine pomp, Romanesque and late Gothic brutality hill.Neuschwanstein fits perfectly into the surrounding Alpine landscape.From a distance it looks like a theater scenery.This is the most beautiful and fairytale castles of Ludwig.

Inside the castle - on the walls and tapestries, in the design of furniture, interior staircases and passages, on the ceilings - the set of swans ... Drawing, stone, wood, metal ... Wall mural many buildings are made based on Wagner's opera "Tristan and Isolde", "Siegfried"" Parsifal ".Ceremonial Hall and an office decorated based on the opera "Tannhäuser".

Ludwig settled here shortly before his death, and lived in an unfinished castle about six months.Here, it was announced the overthrow.From here he was taken to Castle Berg at Lake Starnberg.

to climb to the castle is usually on the paved road-serpentine coach rides, but you can get up and walk.Higher up in the mountains at an altitude of 92 meters through the gorge spanned by a suspension bridge.Beneath the 45-meter waterfall.It offers the best views of the wonderful mountain world around the castle.

Royal manor Linderhof

This is the only "fabulous" palaces of Ludwig, the construction of which was completed during the life of the king.The architectural grandeur of the magnificent figure of the castle baroque combined with intimate delicacy of rococo.It affects the abundance of gold-framed mirrors that extend the size of the premises.

palace interiors painted by the best artists of Europe.The walls are decorated with beautiful tapestries and paintings.Stunning array of vases, marble fireplaces, statues, porcelain flowers, porcelain peacocks in full size, ivory chandeliers, crystal chandelier in the bedroom with 108 candles (say, all at the same time never lit).

arranged a special table in the dining room.It automatically rises through a special hatch from the kitchen located at the bottom, there is automatically lowered.King was unsociable and preferred to eat the food alone.

front of the entrance to the palace is tridtsatimetrovoy jet fountain.Surrounding the castle park decorated in French, Italian, English, Arabic styles.House Hut Hunding resembles the scenery for the opera of Wagner's "Valkyrie."Applied in the Grotto of Venus lighting system is one of the prototype of the modern color music.Light effects created by a rotating glass plates, which is driven by one of the first of Siemens electric power generators in Europe.

Palace Herrenchiemsee

most expensive project of Ludwig became a palace on Herrenchiemsee island Herrenvert (today Herreninsel - "Men's Island") on Lake Chiemsee in beautiful Alpine foothills, 80 km from Munich.It cost 16 million. Marks and was never completely finished.Seven years after the start of construction work was stopped due to lack of funds.And how much time is spent there is a king-builder?Ten days.

Herrenchiemsee - a beautiful palace and park complex, balanced and perfectly organized.Before the main entrance of the palace of the jet hit five fountains.The facade of the building - a replica of the French Versailles.Royal lily - a symbol of the Bourbons, sculptures, paintings depicting the "Sun King", other motifs associated with it form a general cross-cutting theme of the interior architectural design interior.Primary colors - blue, burgundy and gold with a predominance of the latter.As in Linderhof, a table for the shy King rises in the dining room from under the floor.

Wealth, luxury and the extent of Herrenchiemsee in some respects superior to Versailles.For example, the Hall of Mirrors to the suite of 17 arched windows that illuminate the 33 chandeliers and 44 candelabra, as gorgeous as her "sister" Versailles Gallery Glace, but as long as it (98 m).

The construction of castles Ludwig II invested all their money.When they ran out of money in the course went from the state treasury, which was actually devastated, for which he was, in fact, removed from power.But today, after a century and a half, they invested funds are returned handsomely in the form of income from tourists visiting the castle.Only Neuschwanstein is visited every year more than 1 million people.But Ludwig himself was strongly opposed to the visitors appeared in his dream castles.But it so happened that he became one of the tourist symbols of Bavaria.He is remembered and loved here.And billboards local builders you can find an image of Ludwig at royal regalia and helmet construction worker.